Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Presidents and More

With last week being President's Day, we talked about our Presidents, mainly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with a little of Barack Obama thrown in there. I would also spill out various random facts about other Presidents too but we mainly focused on those.

Well, let me tell you... Barack Obama is a touchy subject in kindergarten (more so than last year!) When I even brought him up, l heard, "He is mean! He wants to kill babies." Or "My mom hates him." It was very interesting because some friends did not have that opinion and stated that their mom liked him so we quickly discussed how everyone has their own opinion and as five and six year olds, we aren't going to get into a fight about it. I am pretty indifferent about it. I mean, I am glad being the President isn't my job! I have a a hard enough time trying to make peace in the classroom, I couldn't imagine doing it for a whole country. My main stance on it is to pray for the President as it must be a tough job to try and lead a nation.

Back to the kids... One friend journaled about Abraham Lincoln. {see a fuzzy picture of a picture below} When I asked him about his journal he said "that's the bad guy (pointing to the guy on the left). He is saying 'ha! ha!' And that's Abraham Lincoln (pointing to the middle) and he said 'ut oh!' And that's me (pointing to the guy on the right) saying 'no! no!'" A side note to his drawing is that last week, I talked to him about speech bubbles. He loves to draw cartoon like pictures so I took the opportunity to teach him how writers use speech bubbles to show people talking. I was a little excited to see he used them again. The next day, he journaled about George Washington being a nice President and being on money and coins.

On another day, this same friend told me a story about his friend. The story started like this...
"My friend Alan died." {which I am sure if he really does have a friend Alan, he would be so glad to know that his 6 year old friend has killed him off}

Of course I said, " oh, I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?" And the rest of the story goes like this...
"He went on vacation to see the dinosaurs. And when he was there, he went to see tyrannosaurus Rex. And when he did, he said "hi dinosaur! [waving]" and the Tyrannosaurus rex slurped him up to inside his head." The end.

A little bit after that story, Mrs. Chambers came to visit our class. For my own curiosity and for a laugh for her, I asked him if he wanted to tell her about the friend. It was the exact same story. He didn't skip a beat with it. Closer to the end of the day, he informed me that another friend, Ryan got slapped in the face by a polar bear tail. I thought, 'man, that guy was awfully close to the polar bear to get slapped in the face by such a short tail!'

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