Friday, February 22, 2013

7 months

You were six months and 11 days old when we spent our first night apart. I went out of town to visit a school in Missouri. I sure was glad to get back home and see you!

When we play, you have started noticing your toys more. For example, the puppy house Santa brought you... You get a big grin on your face when it finishes 'talking' to you.

For a while now, you have been doing the cutest thing with your pacifier. While sucking on it, you put your thumb inside, like you are sucking your thumb too. Right now, I think it is so precious though some day I may not. I'm sure my parents felt the same way about my thumb sucking but I turned out okay!

You are still a champion sleeper although you move like crazy during the night. We start you at one end of the crib and in the morning you have scooted yourself to the other end facing a whole new direction, usually sideways but sometimes it's like your head is at the 'foot' of the bed. However you do it, you still manage to be mostly swaddled up in your blanket. Right now, we are still keeping you up until 10:30 and you are still a smiley little thing when you are woken up around 6:45 or 7:00. I know some day we are going to have to put you the bed earlier but we love spending time with you be it playing or snuggling.

You are still eating 6 ounces every four hours and usually having some rice cereal in the evenings. If your Mom and Dad would actually go shopping, instead of just picking up a few things here and there to make it through a meal, maybe they would buy some baby food and venture into it but we just haven't actually made it to the store lately. {we have since done this and ventured into the baby food era with squash.} When we pair food with milk, you get less milk but you don't seem to mind. Food is food and it all fills your little belly. Although we started food, we have also stopped. Little bumpies appeared so we quit food to see if it was caused from that since it is the only thing that changed. Once they go away, we will start over.

In regards to clothing, you are wearing mostly six and some of the bigger three month clothes... though your Dad will still squeeze you into some of the smaller shirts. The pants are starting to get a little short though. Size 2 diapers are still your cup of tea too.

You spent your first Valentines Day at home with Dad. Baby Ruth had to go out of town for a funeral and we struck out twice on finding someone else to watch you. We really had to twist his arm too. Ha! He was even sweet enough to bring you on a lunch date to school. You met all of my kindergarten friends who were so excited to finally see you. They even asked where Tobie was. I decided that should be a Dad take Valentines Day off to spend with his little Valentine and a lunch date with his Wifey Valentine. Then, when you're in school, he can come have lunch with us (assuming you go to school where I teach). Sounds like a plan!

Sunday the 17th was quite delightful so we had another Family Funday! After church, we shopped a little in Tulsa then came home and headed to the park. Tobie enjoyed the walk and you enjoyed swinging much more this time!


  1. She's so big and so adorable! I spent my first night away from Camden when he was almost six months to go to TX to celebrate Missy's going away. Good stuff! He also sat up unassisted for the first time then..Crazy how you remember that stuff! I need to get my lens on your little girl VERY SOON