Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saturday Surprise!

Saturday, we made a surprise visit to Enid. I let myself in at Nandy and Pa's as usual. Tobie ran in and chased Buddy around in front of Nandy. Sh e probably thought nothing of it since that is what my dad's dog does when he gets there. I popped my head around and she said , "well, Jennie Marie!" And then she focused her attention to Kinley. Then I went on a hunt for Pa. I found him networking on the computer. I peeked my head around the door and just stood there. It took him a few long seconds to realize who was standing there. I like to surprise them. :)

We went to Enid for a surprise party for one of my long time friends. We had lunch and visited long enough to get some blog worthy material {Thanks, Pa!} before the party!

Hubby went to move a tv at his parents house and Nandy was wrangling Kinley. I got my pump out to take care of business when Pa says, "you've got an automatic milker? Well, all be."I answered with yes but then remembered he had always been in the hospital the other times I had pumped in Enid (or there was a 5 year old running around that I wasn't going to explain the process to) Anywho... when I finished, he said, "my god, look at all that milk! She's like an old jersey cow."

This took place while pumping.... 

I love it! I remember my Pa always humming and singing silly songs when I was little. Who knows if they were all actually songs, that's not what matters. I love seeing both of them get so giddy when Kinley is around too. 


  1. Woah - you gotta warn a preggo sister, the tears are flowing! This makes my heart smile. Thank you for sharing. My PaPa would have said the very same thing I'm fairly certain, and what I wouldn't give to drop in and surprise my PaPa and hear him hum and sing just one more time. Soak it all up now :)

  2. Well you done it to me again, and I loved your surprise dearly, anytime you want to sneak in my front or back door be my guest I and Nandy would love it Love it. How ever you sneaked tha camera in on me again, Poor Kinley she must think that he Big Pa l has gone nuts, Thanks for loving Nandy and I the way you and Preston do. Sneak back anytime your heart desires. Love Nan and Pa l.