Friday, March 15, 2013

A little random reading

Due to my "motherly duties", as my principal put it to a parent yesterday, I don't venture into the lounge at lunch time. It is quite unfortunate since it makes it hard to contribute to the Sh!t I Hear in the Lounge saga but it is life.

One of the people many of my lounge stories came from contributed while in my room the other day so I'll count that! Not exactly sure how this came out of her mouth but she was referring to when she is walking but toots come out. Apparently, those are called "old lady loosey juicies." I even had her repeat it so it was accurate for the blog!

Back to the principal comment, I had a parent looking for me during lunch. She had knocked on my door, mind you I didn't know who was out there, but then went to the lounge and asked if I was around. He said, "She is in her room." to which the mom responded, "well, I knocked but she didn't answer." That is when he said, "I think she is doing her motherly duties, if you know what I mean." The mom was embarrassed and later told me she felt bad for 'interrupting.' 

I must say, only once have I actually forgotten to lock my door while pumping, but I am so glad no one came down. I have a magnet that props the door open, just a crack, during the day. Well, one day when I finished up, I realized I had not pulled the magnet out! How disastrous would that have been if a kid popped in!!! Now I double check myself before I start. Anywho, it is a good thing that I do because a few times my kids have returned to the classroom, either without my assistant knowing or just not following her directions. You would think when that the boogie man was trying to get them as hard as they pull on the door and bang on it. Again, now I double check that it is locked!

I have had a few funnies from my little friends too! Last week, the meteorologist predicted it to be warm for the day. As we all know, they have a tendency to be wrong. When discussing it with my kids, one said, "the weatherman lies... a lot!" I tried to explain that they don't lie on purpose and that it all depends on mother nature but I don't think they really listened.

Yesterday, I read a short book about squids with one of my talented friends. He did really well reading it on his own but I wanted to reread it with him to see if he comprehended what he had read. In the book, it said that squids change colors to hide from predators and when talking to other squids. I asked him, "what is that word we learned when something blends in with its surroundings?" He said, "It's camel-lodging. I think." Real close buddy! At least he got the idea! We also read that squids squirt ink to help them hide from predators. He asked, "Where does the ink come from? Maybe his butt?" I told him that was a really good question but maybe next time he could say bottom. Then a friend that had been listening chimed in and said, "or bum! Remember it was in our word family?!"

I better hit the hay... one more school day and then it is spring break!

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