Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

What should I be doing on this late Wednesday... almost Thursday?? Report cards. What am I doing instead? Anything but report cards, hence this post.

My little friends have been precious at school lately. Mrs. Chambers, the sub I had while on maternity leave, is now next door subbing for first grade. My kids love her so much. She is a celebrity to them. "I saw Mrs. Chambers!" "Mrs. Chambers waved at me!" or "I gave Mrs. Chambers a hug!" are statements I hear almost daily. It is so refreshing to me to know they started out the year in such good hands... or they are relieved to see her and hoping she will come back so their mean teacher will leave? Hmm. :)

Yesterday, I was doing a little report card testing when a student came over and patted my back. Of course, I said, "That feels so good. Thanks." Just that comment lead to telling them the difference in a massage and a masseuse. We may have to practice the difference a little more. Hehehe!

Well, I have put off report cards long enough. Though this post was super uneventful, I need to do the report cards.

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