Monday, March 4, 2013

Old Jersey Cow is at it again...

Today we boxed up another shipment for the milk bank. 80- 6 ounce bags will be heading Texas tomorrow. In my math world, that is 480 ounces but we have all seen how my math is compared to what is actually in the bags. I have found recently that Hubby likes to fill them a little more than 6 ounces, so he could be the cause of some of my math issues.

It still amazes me that God created women to be able to provide nourishment for their babies like this. It just leaves me in awe.

Funny story from a few weeks ago...
Some friends of ours recently moved to Spain. They took 3 boys under 3, the youngest one being two months old. Before they left, they came to Oklahoma to visit family so plans were made for friends to go out to dinner. We know Jessie and Aaron from college. Aaron and Hubby were fraternity brothers so really the guys know each other better and the wives chat. This night there were only three wives. I know Jessie and knew who Nikki was but that is really all. Any who, Nikki has a five year old that loves to chat! She is funny too! Very inquisitive and friendly. She was so excited there were babies there (Kinley, Lindy (who sat at the other end and missed most of the action)and Zach, Jessie's 2 month old. She was told that when Zach woke up she might be able to hold him and she did not forget that!

However, when Zach woke up, he wanted to eat. So... Of course Alaina wanted to feed him. Jessie proceeded to get a nursing cover out, which led to "why are you putting that on?" Her mom explained that Zach ate the same way a friends sibling did but she still wanted to know what the cover was for. Nikki whispered into Alaina's ear and then you see her smile and say "oh, that covers her so no one sees her boobies!" It was pretty funny but I am glad it wasn't me. :)

Well, this is two posts in one week...what am I going to do with myself?! I guess I will hit the hay!


  1. Jennie, Jennie, Jennie, Honey I didnt say that Jersey cow as a funny thing, I said it in awe. Hell I'm an old man and remember what a diffacult time Nandy had breast feeding, no Pumpimg just alot of milk and sore breastand leaking breast, and your mom hardly any milk to feed Jeffrey; and here you are pumping out enough milk to feed babies in Texas. Good for you and I'm damn proud of what you are doing. To bad Oklahoma is to dumb to have a center in its own state, again I'm proud of all your efforts. Love Pa l.

  2. I've heard all kinds of boobie comments from the boys over the past 5 weeks! I agree with your Pa, Oklahoma needs a place to donate!