Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 47

I've got no new pictures today... I am all pictured out.

It definitely seemed like a Monday. Long. Cloudy for most of the day. Cold. It was dark when I got to school this morning. I guess that is what happens when I don't plan ahead and go on Sunday.

My kids did their first 'journal entry' today. After drawing a picture, the only word they had to write was Halloween, which was already written on their page. As they were finishing I went around the classroom asking what their picture was. Then I wrote, "On Halloween, I carved a pumpkin with Mr. Snow and Tobie." (or whatever their sentence was) and they had to trace it so that they were 'writing' a complete sentence. They all did pretty well and I have 10 hours to decide what their word will be tomorrow.

Found out today (from the nurse at the hospital who called my phone!) that my Nandy will be having her shunt procedure tweaked. I had to give my Pa a hard time for the way I found out. I think he was quite surprised that I already knew when I called to harass him. Will be praying that all goes smoothly and that there is a speedy recovery. She has come so far since the first procedure!

Last night was Halloween. I don't know if it was because of it being Sunday or what but we did not have our usual big trick or treating crowd. Lucky for us, we buy the good candy and have lots left over!!! Because of this, I tried my first Reese's Fast Break. It is a very interesting piece of candy. Tastes like a Reese's Cup with Milky Way fluff and Butterfinger flavor mixed in. If I don't eat them all, I would offer you one but you'll have to hurry!

Oh, wait! I do have a picture to post. Preston could hardly contain himself when I brought it home....

God Bless school pictures. And for some reason, my principal took a 3x5 and wallet picture of every teacher. I wonder if she is going to hang them at her house to think of us fondly? HA!

And just in case I ever get lost, ask Hubby for this... I am sure it can be found in his wallet. :) But according to my Pa, when I was little he told me they [kidnappers] would bring me right back so you won't need the card for long.

Yes, I have one of these from every year I have taught.

No, I do not buy these. It is just one of the perks to being a teacher. Free school photos! Yea-ya! Don't be too jealous.

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