Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 59-61

Day 59- Eh. It’s down in the books. We had a TAPS (basically PTA) meeting today. Pretty sad when there are more teachers than parents that show up. This month, we offered a craft time for the children while their parents were in the meeting. This is what they made:

Fancy hand turkeys!

Day 60- One of, okay, my favorite substitute was in the building today! I was lucky enough to work with her two years ago when she was a long term sub for another second grade teacher. I loved seeing Mrs. Chambers!
While we were on the playground, one of my wild childs came up and said, “I don’t have a noodle shirt under this.” Mrs. Chambers and I looked at each other then I looked at the child and said, “what?” She replied with, “I don’t have a noodle (motioning a thin strap) shirt under this.” We just laughed and I asked her if she meant a spaghetti strap shirt. She said, “A noodle strap.”

Day 61- We are all off of 1-10!!!!! As I was walking around looking at their work on Number Masters, I almost wanted to scream when I saw it was done correctly, 1-10!!!

Three school days until Thanksgiving break!!

On an exciting, non-school related topic… We ate a Chick-fil-A tonight!!!! The new one is about 10 miles from our house! I couldn’t be more excited! If only I had known that the first 100 people there at 6 a.m. this morning won Chick-fil-A for a year! I totally would have sent Preston to wait in line all night and then joined him at 5:30. :)

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