Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 63

So, what do you call a Monday without a copy machine available?? TODAY. For real. Not a joke. I would like to mention that part of being a teacher is being flexible but not quite that flexible. Nonetheless, we made it through the day.
I bet you are wondering WHOOOO these cuties are, huh?!?!

Well, these two sit inside my front door. But, I have a bigger one at school. I bought them this weekend for 75% off! Let's be real, I bought three adorable owls for the price of one!!! I'm not a great mathematician but I know that is a great deal! And, did I mention how cute they are?!?!

At school, my wise old owl looks for a table to land on that is making wise choices. Don't you worry, we talked about how I would cry if something were to happen to that cutie. The kids seemed to enjoy having it in class and appeared to work better knowing that the owl was looking for a table to land on.

In case you have lost count... there is only 1 more day until Thanksgiving break (which made a day without a copier/lesson plans a little more bearable)!!!

Lately, I have found that I like owls. Cute ones that is. I am off to enjoy my evening!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my GOSH! Those are adorable! Where from??

    And I love your cute land-on-the-table idea..dang you are an awesome teacher!

    But you totally already knew that...