Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 64

Hooray for Thanksgiving Break! Even though I knew it was finally here, I didn’t leave school until 6:15. BUT, I was quite productive after the school bell rang… and before too. We’ll start there.

We started the day on a small lockdown since some old man was wholed up in his house with a gun. I don't really know any details, (I wish I did, it would have made for a better story) but I don't. The lockdown was lifted just in time to go to recess but we were busy doing... something.

These are some turkey we made on a whim when the copier was down yesterday. That is their foot for the body and hands for the feathers.

Our district had a “Hats On” day for a 17 year high school student that has a life threatening illness. We paid $1 to wear the hat and all the money went to the Make A Wish foundation. Kaylon’s wish is to go meet the Boston Celtics. Here are my friends in their hats. Some of them paid but didn’t even bring a hat. Lucky for them, my BFF and I buy stupid hates at Michael’s that I let them borrow. See MJ, those purchases paid off. :)

Here are my hat wearers and our wise old owl.

We also decorated for Christmas. I mean, the kids were pumped about it being the last day for the week, so the day was already wasted. If I think about it, I will take pictures.

It was also bedlam day, which I hate. Kids don’t know the difference but they sure will spout off about “I can’t believe you wear that color! It is not even allowed by my rules.” or“OSU is going down.” Those are straight out of the mouths of a third grader and fifth grader. My response is, “You are entitled to your opinion but I like OSU because that is where I went to school.” And then I walk off before I make any nasty comments.

My neighbor of 5 years is an OU fan. The first day my dad saw my classroom, he went out and bought an OSU sign for outside my classroom door. I was instructed that it be hung identical to the OU one above Mrs. Thompson’s door. Since she is retiring at the end of the year, we had to take a bedlam picture. The plan was to have mean bedlam faces. As we were posing, I decided at the last minute to throw up my pistols and it’s a good thing I did! She snuck in her #1.

This is the next picture, where Mrs. Thompson is asking, “Did you put up #1?” “Nope. Pistols firing!!” Then I start asking where her mean face went?

I have absolutely LOVED working next door to her. I could not have asked for a better second grade partner and neighbor. I just hope that no matter what I am teaching next year, she will come back to visit and volunteer in my room. :)

After that fun, I got down to business. My lesson plans are ALMOST complete for the next 2 weeks. YES, you read that correctly, 2 WEEKS! I sat down with Ms. Diaz and we got to work planning until Mrs. Taylor called and we went hunting for Stuart in her room. With the trashcan in hand, I was trying to catch the little booger but he was too fast. Did you know mice climb walls?!?! While in hot pursuit, I unknowingly stepped on a Sharpie. I screamed so loud thinking it was Stuart that the other two were screaming jumping with me. It was really funny though!

I wrapped up my evening watching Aladdin. It's been a long time since I had watched it.

I actually may go up to the school house for just a bit tomorrow because I want to get everything done so I won’t have to go up anymore this break. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am super excited to head home for a few days. I am thankful that so much of my family lives in one place. I wish that we could all live nearby and actually want to see each other, even if it is just for a short time.

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