Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 56-58

Day 56- Thursday, October 11th- Hooray for still being able to write 1-4 without help! Now we just have to focus on 5-10 and pass that by December 17th. Unfortunately, this child’s parent did not show up to conferences for me to brag on her number writing improvement. I will put this on my to do list to call and harass the parent about coming for a conference. (If you know me, you know I am good at harassing people.)

Speaking of conferences. I had one more this afternoon. I spoke to this parent on Tuesday after school to see when she could come since she never signed up for a time. It really helps to corner them when they are trying to pick their child up. She may have been hoping I would forget that she told me she could meet with 3 of the teachers (1 for each child she has at our school). Nope, sure didn’t forget.

For our car rider dismissal, we have a system (see picture below for visual).

Pink and purple dots are teachers. The pink dot (who happens to be me on this day) walks down the line of cars and calls back on a walkie talkie to the purple dot telling them what color cone the child needs to get on. For example, Bobby on red, Suzy on orange, etc. Then the kids are in line for their car to pick them up. So, I call this child’s family to the orange cone and follow up with, “Make sure purple dot (who happens to be a 37 year veteran and my former partner) goes to the car to make sure she comes in for the conferences.”

In the mean time, I watch as our purple dot walks back into the school with the 3 children and the mom parks up the hill a little bit. From down the road, maybe 60 yards, her body language walking in, carrying a sleeping toddler did not look to thrilled to be there.

The conference with the 2nd grader started while I finished up duty with other teachers. When I came in I went hunting for the 1st grade teacher to make sure she came back down to meet with the mom. When it was my turn, I met the mom and kids at my door. I was greeted with an awful smell. That poor sleeping baby was in a poopy diaper! Who knows how long she had been in it either. Anyways, I raced through my conference because of the smell. I know a few times I said, “I really encourage you to work on …. At home.” That is my nice teacher way of saying, “Take an interest in your child’s education. I can’t do it alone and he/she is trying here at school.”

After I was finished I walked them out and she tried to leave without going to the last conference! I had to say, “Ms. ___’s class is down here.” And walk her down there. While she was meeting with the 3rd teacher, our PE teacher came down the hall. She got this look on her face so I asked if she smelled something. “Yes! What is that?” I informed her, “THAT is in there. And was in my room and this room! And, all down the hall.” YUCK!!!!!

This happened a few days ago and I just remembered to post it. As a student is working I hear her start singing. “You change your mind….” Anyone else recognize the Katy Perry line from Hot n Cold?? Try this at 36 seconds.
She is 5 for goodness sakes. Shouldn’t she still be listening to Barney?

Day 57- Friday, October 12th-

If you didn’t know… this is a pirate ship. Well, it was a ship similar to this.

I was showing my kids a video about Veteran’s Day when a student said, “A pirate ship!”
Day 58- Monday again…. It was an okay day. Luckily, we were able to go to recess before lunch. The later lunch goers were not so lucky thanks to the rain.
We had our first experience with painting today. They painted a spider web in October but they only had white to choose from. This time they had 5 color choices. Too bad we don’t have good paper to paint on. : ( I do think that some of the pictures could have turned out better if they had stopped painting. I only wore a little bit of paint home on my hands and pants. Hopefully it comes out of my pants or my coworkers will be seeing khaki pants a lot.
Today, I started something new to help teach my young ones about responsibility. In the morning, we do literacy centers. They generally have 40ish minutes to complete their task. Starting today, if they did not finish they have to put the work in a folder and finish it before they do free centers in the afternoon. I am hoping this will motivate them to work more and chat less or else they miss out of fun times with their friends. I only had 4 friends put their work in the folders today. One told me, “He didn’t tell me I had to do it. I just didn’t know.” I followed up with, “I explained everything you had to do and you saw the others working on it. I’m sorry you will just have to finish during free centers and pay more attention to what you are supposed to do tomorrow.” I am heartless I tell ya!
When that particular child did get to play, he found himself with hurt feelings by another student. I kept hearing him say, “Can I talk to you in private?” or “I need to talk in private with you.” I don’t think he ever did but it was a nice try.
I am off to read a book. Well, a chapter of a book. I have some Principal Lovin' Care (PLC) tomorrow. What's that you ask? It's a whole new post that isn't going to happen today.

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