Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 24-26

Day 24- One letter back questioning if their child would be moved. See the letter was clear as mud. There was also a phone call expressing concern over the move. I am not responsible for those. Good luck people that are!

Day 25- I don’t get paid the big bucks to be the principal and make those kind of phone calls. Yep, I told my principal that when she told me to call the parent that sent the letter back. And… I was told I would not be fielding those calls, but here is their phone number. :) I then informed my principal that the first letter made it seem more like an option than a statement that the child would be changing classes. So she was sending another letter out.

Number Masters! I had 3 students pass their number masters! What is that? They had 10 minutes to write their numbers 1-25 without any reversals, which is a big feat for 5 year olds. I will now be doing a 1-10 category because there are several that are struggling with that. Those three will now be working on 1-50, then 1-75, 1-100 and then on to addition.

Day 26- “If you love it, you should just marry it.” Those words came out of a friend’s mouth while they were working today. What was being talked about? I have no idea; I overheard it across the room. Yes, I know, we need to work on our whisper voices. This particular child has been spending time sitting with me at recess just because. So, while sitting there I asked if he could tell me a story. “Hmmmmmm. I don’t have any. My gases are all runned out of stories.” So I asked about the “marry it” comment. “Well, I told my dad I loved cheese and he told me if I loved it so much I had to marry her.” Then I told him, “See, you just told me a story.” He said, “You’re right. I guess my gases weren’t all runned out. They were just afraid of the ghosts.” OOOOOKAY, whatever you say.

One of my babies that will be leaving me gave me a ‘letter’ today that said she would miss me but would see me at recess and in the cafeteria. Aww. I don’t want you to go.
Behaviorally it was an okay day until I had the student stop and get some positive lovin’ from the principal. When she returned to class she absolutely fell apart. Here’s to another day that is hopefully better

We have had some firsts at Snow’d Inn! I (We) used our crock pot for what it is intended for for the first time. Tonight we had a roast, potatoes and corn for dinner. I thought it seemed like such a grown up meal. Pa also gave us a dehydrator and Preston was very excited to make his first batch of beef jerky. YUM!

I am off to bed! It will be a busy couple of days coming up. Tomorrow I have to go to the dreaded dentist! YUCK. Then Preston and I are heading back to Sapulpa to put some posts up for a shade structure we are building at the school house. Thursday, we have a home game and will head to Stillwater as soon as school is out. Friday is Disney on Ice! YAY! Saturday, we will, hopefully, finish the pergola. Whew! That wore me out already.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 23

The letters went home today in my kid’s Eagle Folders. I got a little weepy putting them in the folders. The more I thought about me knowing and they didn’t, the weepier I got. Who knew in 24 days I could become so attached and fond of these babies. Move me to kindergarten and then take some of my first group of kindergarten babies away. That’s just not nice.

Back to the letters…. they were not very clear. Nowhere did it actually say, “Your child is being plucked from their routine and put into a new class.” If I were a parent reading it, I would have thought, “Oh, this is an option.” I am curious what other school’s letters said. Was theirs clear?

I have to keep reminding myself that this will be best for my friends. They are resilient. This probably bothers me more than it bothers them. This will be best. They will be fine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthday Girl!!!

Sorry, there are no pictures of me on my birthday. But I have even better.... I have asked, for at least 2 years now, for Preston to buy me our wedding photos. Guess what I got for MY birthday?!?!

One of our favorites!

Our wedding party minus Cade and Gabe

Sealed with a Kiss

Carnation Confetti!!!

Finally getting to use what took away from me in high school and college
(Sherb the '55 Chevy)

My side of the family

Preston's side of the family

YAY! Now during tornado season, I can just put the handy CD of wedding pictures in the closet instead of all 3 of our wedding albums. I mean, two will still go with the CD but 1 less is an improvement, right?!

Days 21-23

Day 21- My friend that fell on Friday… chipped the tooth all the way to the root. The tooth was being extracted after I got off the phone with the mom at 8:35 in the morning. That student will be out for the next couple of days.

Another child’s mom called to say he was sick. She called back later to say that he has pneumonia. He will be out for three days.

A third child’s mom called to say her child was sick and would not be in.


When I spoke with the chipped tooth parent, I asked if it would be okay to tell the kids so we could make cards. She thought that was very sweet and that he would enjoy those. So we did. After making the card, I had a student come up to me real concerned. “Mrs. Snow, if he ends up in a wheelchair, he won’t be able to play tag with me anymore.” Trying not to chuckle, I tell him that is true but he is just having a hurt tooth pulled and should not end up in a wheelchair.

During our afternoon recess, I had a student poke a first grader in the eye. Previously mentioned Lightning McQueen was sitting on a bench chatting with me when I was trying to get to the bottom of why it happened. McQueen chimes in with, “That’s just not right. You shouldn’t have done that. How would you like it to you? I’m not your friend anymore, you might poke me and that’s just not right.” Needless to say, I did not have much to say since he was taking all of my good lines. I chuckled in my head for this one too.

Day 22- What is 25-8????

Give up???

It is going to be my class size soon. One would think I would be jumping with joy with the news that we are going to have a third kindergarten class starting in the very near future. However, that is not the case. 22 days into the school year and I am already attached to my little friends. Why didn’t we consider this on the second day of school?!? I do not want to have to try and explain to these little people why they have to move. I do not want to see their reaction to it. I do not want to see my reaction to it. I have already shed some tears over this and cannot imagine what it will be like when these friends know what is about to happen. They are 5 years old. It isn’t going to make much sense to them. Asking why do I have to move? Why can’t I stay? In my head, I picture them thinking they are not loved or wanted. That is not the case at all. Even though I know it is hard, I would keep all 25 of them if they would let me.

They are in a routine. They have to learn a new routine and get used to a new teacher and a new classroom community. These poor friends will still be going to specials with their regular class. How hard is that going to be separating them from their “old class” every day?

My prayers for patience have shifted to understanding for my little ones. I know in the grand scheme of things this will be best for them but I hope they and their parents can understand that. I am again reminded of this verse: "The human mind plans the way, but the LORD directs the steps." Proverbs 16:9

Day 23- Filled with more mixed emotions about what is to come with my class.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Funny Stuff My Grandpa Says....

The week before my birthday, I am at school around 4 when my phone rings. My Pa is on the other end.

Me: Hello?
Pa: Hi Kid! I thought I would hear, "I am assholes and elbows deep in kindergarten. I can't come to the phone. Sorry."

I didn't really know how to respond to that, so I just said, OK.

He really just called to say that since I didn't publish a birthday list they would just send me money unless I wanted a dresser full of crap he doesn't want.

Thanks Nandy and Pa! The money fits!

Birthday Week... a little late

Of course, Mike Gundy thinks we have to play football games at home during my birthday week. Does he not know that this interferes with having a birthday party??? For the second year, I have had to celebrate my birthday at the tailgate.

Luckily, my in-laws love me enough to bring me a cookie cake, which helps. :) I guess Jimmy and Kay were being camera shy because obvioulsy they were there if they brought the cake.

My Daddy even made an appearance!

Birthday day was good. I hosted bunco at my house. Unfortunately, I didn't even win anything. But guess who's going to Disney on Ice?!?! Don't let him kid you, Preston is thrilled about it too. ;)

Day 18, 19 and 20

Obviously, 5 year olds wear me out and I can’t even keep up my stories on here.

Day 18- I ask my principal about the new student I received the day before. She responds with “He seemed so sweet when I met him Monday.” Wait, what?!?! You met this kid and knew I would be adding to my class but didn’t tell me until he showed up? Excuse me! I think I need to know these things. Instead, I run around my room like a chicken with my head cut off, with a sub trying to control my class, trying to get a name tag out so he can do work with the rest of us and have a little alphabet line to help out. Then I hear our secretary say, “I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin your birthday.” Thoughtful? Yes. Would it have hurt to tell me Tuesday morning? Absolutely not!

Farting continues. Some kid farted and another kid comments, “It must have been Mrs. Snow.” Super (I think...)! I have gotten my point across.

Day 19- New student doesn’t show up until 10:00. School starts at 9:00. Way to be tardy your first 2 days. This students does seem sweet even though the kids complained that he was picking his nose and wiping his boogers on their lunch. True? I don’t know. 5 year olds say the darndest things.

For example, behavior issues have returned…. One way, in the form of whining about having to go to the restroom during rest time. I let you go right before we came in. You cannot have to go again already. This child persists and I continue to ignore it when I hear a voice coming from the floor. “Go lay down.” “Just go lay down.” The whining continues but now it is about having to poop. The little voice also continues, “Just let her go.” Um, as simple as that sounds small voice (trying not to be heard while still wanting to be heard), it will defeat the purpose. You see, within the first few days of school I realized when trying to avoid an activity going to the restroom always popped up.

The office referrals have returned. We went for 4 good days, which was obviously hard so we relapsed. If we, at school, are going to work on this behavior, do us a favor and work on it at home. It doesn’t do any good to have the student check in and out daily with our counselor knowing the parent or grandparents are not going to sign the form. My note the next day, “Please sign the check in, check out form and return it to school so [student] knows we are communicating.”

Day 20- The forms came back and so did the behavior issues. You are not special and get to sit at your own desk. You are special and have to sit at your own desk because you make bad choices and pester your table mates! And for the record, you, in fact, do not have to poop during rest time. How do I know this? You tried it the day before. You went to the restroom right before we lay down and when you had the chance to go to the restroom after rest time, you DIDN’T GO. However, today you then follow it up with, “You’re right Mrs. Snow. I didn’t have to go.” I know, I tried telling you that 8000 times when you whined about going.

A friend fell on the playground and chipped a tooth. Did ya bother telling me when it happened? No. You just piddled around on the playground until it was time to line up. Then you tell me that you fell on your wrist bone. Seriously, I think your hand would hurt worse if you fell on it and chipped your tooth. O dreaded telling the mom after school but when I spoke to her she was okay with it.

Our school is doing PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention S….Something, Stuff). In doing this, we hand out “Gotcha’s” when we catch someone doing something good. Well, we ran out. My kids did not comprehend an IOU verbal praising, so I used the die cut and cut out some fish and wrote “Caught ya!” on them. The kids got a bigger (maybe 4 inch) fish to take home and I put a 1 inch fish in a bowl with their name on it. They seem to like it! Well, Lightning McQueen has a hard time listening but did an excellent job during math! So I hand out a fish! Talk about a proud kid. The fish went swimming everywhere on the playground that afternoon. He ended up coming and talking to me on the bench outside so I asked if he was proud of the fish. He said “Yes, because I was listening.” And then went off splashing with his fish. That afternoon, I made a point to tell the parent about it (especially since I had been to the car earlier in the week for growling at me and kicking another student) and ask them to make a big deal about it. Hopefully they did.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Slacker Alert!

Well, being that today was Day 17… someone has fallen behind a little.

4 days and we have not had any more referrals! I don’t know what has changed about this student but I like it. Today, however, was interesting. My assistant, which I share with the other kindergarten teacher, was out sick. So that means we got a sub. Let me just say that in the future, I prefer no sub. Kindergartners just cannot adjust to a new person that easily and it is hard for me to adjust to a new person as well. I also went up to 25 students today. Please, in the future, let me know as soon as you know that I will be getting a new friend. There's nothing like hearing a knock on the door, opening it and finding a parent volunteer saying, "You have a new student (with student and parent in tow)." yay.

BONUS!!! I got my book order today!!!!!! HOORAY! I love seeing that red and white box at school!

Can you believe that I got all of this for $20?!?! Seriously, I only paid $20.

If you want to count it, you can, but I will go ahead and tell you that it is 62 books, 8 CDs, 2 center type games, and 1 manipulative set.

Now for back tracking a little. Since my last post, I have turned 28! No worries. I already freaked out about this back in March when I realized I would be turning 2-8. It hit me when I thought back to playing with my dear friend Holly. It seemed like we were never over 26 and had a thousand kids (so many that we kept a list of their names in our billfolds) by the time we were "25." However, I have passed the imaginary age limit and do not have a thousand kids, only 25… for 9 months out of the year (and on some days can seem like way too long).

Regardless, I am a very, extremely blessed 28 year old. I am married to a husband (who never played a big role in my imaginary life as a kid) that loves me unconditionally, takes better care of me than I deserve, and makes me smile every day just thinking about him. Together, we have one loving and well behaved furry child, Tobie Ann. She is my main grrrrfriend, my snuggle buddy on the sofa mobile, and tear licker when necessary. My Daddy loves me a lot, even though it appears I am not the favorite. My Mom watches over me daily and in our, what seemed short, time together made me the person I am today. I feel like a favorite grandchild to amazing grandparents and have always felt like I am my Grandma’s go to girl. My brother is a piece of work and I will never understand him but I still love him to death and would do anything for him. I have a niece I love to pieces, even though I don’t see or hear much from her (after all, she is only 3 so it’s not her fault). Thanks to my parents, I have lifelong family friends that always remind me of my Mom and let me know of the ways I take after her. Those family friends help keep the memory of my Mom alive. I can never repay them for that but will always be grateful. I have godsons that are adorable, loving and funny. I am fortunate enough to have in-laws that do not drive me insane. They love me as if I am their own. The family I married into is a hoot. It is always a good time when we are together. My friends are priceless. At times, it seems like we were separated at birth, or at least share a brain. A good time is always had by all, whether or not it is a quick bite to eat, a few days or a vacation. I thoroughly enjoy my co-workers, who are also my friends. Best yet, I have a God. He is patient, understanding, and forgiving to me. He provides and protects all of the things I am so very blessed to have in my 28 year old life.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 13

This is almost a week late but I won $100 from Wal-Mart and wasn’t even at the staff meeting when my name was drawn out of the hat!!! This is why:
“Through the Teacher Rewards program, Wal-Mart will provide more than $4 million to over 45,000 teachers like yourself across the U.S. during the 2010
back-to-school season. These funds will help offset the approximately $500* that
teachers spend out of their own pockets each year for classroom supplies.

We applaud the difference that you are making in the lives of your students. Your reward card can be used to purchase school supplies and nutritious snacks for students that may not have regular access to food. Thank you for all you do for America's future.”
*Apr 2007: The Reader's Survey, Edutopia magazine
So, thank you Wal-Mart! I already loved you so much and now you have made it $100 easier to buy things for my classroom at your store! J

On to Day 13... 2 more referrals, same student. You just can’t tell people you want to kill them. Sorry. It also doesn’t help you to lie to me about it when I heard you say it.

I had to lay claim to another fart today. Then when some kid kept laughing about it and carrying on that I ‘farted,’ I proceeded to make them feel bad for hurting my feelings. Hopefully my feelings won’t get hurt about this anymore. At one point in this, I had to turn my head away because in my head, I pictured kids going home saying, “Mrs. Snow farts all the time at school.”

I have one child who claims to have been born with a lightning fast body. Really kid? I have yet to see you move at lightning speed, except when you are running down the hall, leaping off the steps or talking into your flip flop phone. However, you do work faster when you are not sitting at a table with other kids. It’s amazing how much can get accomplished when you focus on your work and not entertaining the table.

While I am adapting to the little people, I still feel so lost teaching kindergarten. I walked into a former kindergarten teacher’s room (she voluntarily became a Pre-K teacher) and said, “How do you teach kids to write their numbers?” I guess what I should have said was, “How do you teach these kids to write anything???” I like it when they come to me reading and writing and knowing how to RECOGNIZE letters and numbers and SPELL THEIR NAME. Is that too much to ask for?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A little bit of Florida and Day 12 of Kindergarten

Florida was lovely! I wish I had more time to the beach and the pool but it was so great to spend time with Preston’s side of the family. I could have done without some of the naked mother-in-law shots… who really answers the hotel door that way??? All in all, there wasn’t too much chaos and it was a beautiful wedding. (More pictures and probably a very own Florida post to come... just wait for it, grasshopper. Fortunately for your viewing pleasure, none of the pictures contain the above mentioned mother-in-law.)

The view down the beach

My hot date and I waiting to take pictures in between the wedding and reception

My kids did well, not too many complaints from my wonderful sub. I was not surprised with the note I saw about some of their behavior. I can officially mark day 11 off the books!

Day 12 was a little rough. Seriously, two office referrals in one day for one child is excessive! Get it together kid!!! It was nice to have some of my little friends come up to me this morning and tell me that they missed me. I am exhausted and will probably play catch up for the rest of this week; however, I do get to put in a Scholastic book order!!! YAY! I love book orders!!! I am sure you will hear more about it when it is actually delivered!

PaL- Was this easier to read????

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 10 and 11

Another week is down the drain for me! I won’t be at school on Friday since my brother-in-law is getting married. It was really rough knowing that I would be in Florida while my kindergarten kids are still at school… well, maybe not. I will say that it is harder to be gone than to face the music and show up. I was at school until almost 10 tonight making sure I had everything my excellent sub would need and cleaning the pig sty up a little. I feel very confident in my sub. Almost two years ago, she did a long term position for my former second grade partner. She was awesome so I know she will do well with the kids and it makes it easier to leave.

Day 10 left us with yet another office referral. Get it together kid! And don’t stare at me and rip your ‘assignment’ into confetti on the playground… that does not go over too well. It’s not like you didn’t have plenty of time to do it. You just wanted to do it when it was convenient for you, which seems to be never.

Are you ready for a super bonus today???? I won a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart!!!! I am not sure how/why because I wasn’t in the faculty meeting to hear but how cool is that?!?! It has something to do with teachers always spending money out of their pockets so Wal-Mart is trying to give back. So that means I will be spending $100 less of my money on my classroom! COOL!!!!

Day 11 will be spent in the Sunshine State!!! So it must be good! When I return I may have something more exciting to talk about since I won’t be surrounded by 5 year olds

Adding to the Don’t Care for list: shouting out about “poop out the butt” for no reason! Ripping your paper into confetti pieces while giving me the evil eye. Whining that you need yet another chance to keep your treat after rest time; give it a break. It isn’t going to work!

No worries! There are some to add to the Do Care For list: “I love my Snow!” Having a 4 day weekend!!! Winning a $100 gift card from Wal-Mart (which is one of my favorite places to go!)

In case anyone is actually reading this and cares to know… there are only 10 days until my birthday!!! I told Hubby tonight that I can tell I am waist deep in school because I haven’t sent out any reminders to my family about it. Shocking, I know.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindergarten- Day 8 and 9

Day 8- Holy Cow!!! I have got my work cut out!!! Kids are SO, SO brave these days!

What 5 year old is brazen enough to tell a grownup they “will beat you up!”??? The answer: a student of mine! I thought the child was going to be eaten by my aide. I was scared for her when I heard the stern voice come out of her and then snatch that child’s hand up and take her to the principal’s office. I felt the air get sucked out of the class by all of the other students but I just kept on teaching.

I also had a student approach me (after being instructed by his mother) and say, “I stole from you.” WHAT?!?! Well, it turned out it was something from the class, airplane manipulatives. Later in the day, to show his sorrow, he hit a first grader in the stomach to “try and scare him.”
Things to add to the “Don’t Care For” list: students pinching, hitting or kicking other students, whining, snack… all over the place, saying you will beat a grownup up, defiance

Day 9, but who’s counting??? Me! Pick ME!

Good news, my ‘threatener’ had a lovely day today!!! I made sure to call home to tell the Dad so there would be positive praise at home as well as school. If I have to call the parent every day to get this behavior, I better plan on staying an extra 10 minutes! Others still had rough days. I took snack away from one for the first time. Sorry, but I do not think it is funny when you goof off while the rest of your class is trying to do their procedures correctly.

Rest time has gotten a tiny bit better. It is amazing what 1 M&M will do.

Things to add to the “Don’t Care For” list: practicing our hallway and classroom procedures (believe it or not, my students HATE this too!), finding out a child was spitting on the music room floor.

It’s time for a new list. Are you ready for this???? Things I Do Care For: a child that says, “I love my Snow.” “Thank you for giving me a happy face.” Unexpected hugs from the little people.