Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100th Day of School

February 2nd, we celebrated the 100th Day of School. In the afternoon, we had five stations to rotate through.

making trail mix using 100 pieces of food

using paint dobbers to make 100 dots around a star

counting 100 beads and then making it into a necklace

counting 100 legos and then getting to play with them
...and I guess I didn't take a picture of the last station. To be honest, now I don't remember what it was. Huh,, lesson plans came in handy. I was able to pull them up to figure out what it was. The last station was to color a "I'm 100 days smarter" pennant.

The friends in their 100th Day hats

This is a squiggle. It can be done various ways. Today they were given a 100. They had to turn the 100 into a picture and write about it.
"My 100th day squiggle is a valentine's krd."

"My 100th day squiggle is attack spider. It has all kinds of weapons. It has a shield nothing can get through it."

"My 100th day squiggle is a butrfli."
 What would a 5 or 6 year old buy with $100???
My little dinosaur expert
This friend would buy teeth with $100.

This friend would buy cotton balls. Lifetime supply, I guess.

$100 worth of gumballs... this friend needs to make nice with the one buying teeth.
 The kids enjoyed their 100th day of school and so did I... it meant we are on the downhill slide!

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