Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weeks 14-18

I knew that I wanted to document Snowflake growing but have found it can be challenging. At first, Hubby seemed to think it was a little silly to take pictures when I appear to look the same. Many of the pictures are self photos with the camera's timer. I do not want bathroom mirror pictures because 1) I don't and 2) I don't want to clean my bathroom. :) It has also been tricky because after a day with 20 5 and 6-year olds, I am tired and look like crap and Hubby leaves when I am waking up. Good thing we have a few more weeks to try and master this picture taking schedule.

I have convinced Hubby to be my photographer but I seem to only get 2-3 shots out of him. We just have to cross our fingers that one of the pictures turn out.

Week 14 (January 11) is the first official picture. It was taken by me and the camera's timer. Excuse the scary-ness of it.

Week 15 (January 18) is the first Hubby taken picture. The one of just me did not turn out, so Big Sister Tobie gets to make a belly picture debut. This is also the day that everyone (except my students) found out. Whether they found out from a personal phone call/face to face from me or a grandparent or they read the big news on facebook. There were no more secrets... except to my students.

Week 16 (January 25) was super busy at school. This is the only picture I have and it is from 80's day. Cute, huh?! This week is also when Hubby made a schedule. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... Snowflake is a girl. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday... Snowflake is a boy. On Sunday, Snowflake is whichever gender pops out his mouth. I do not follow this schedule which makes Hubby irritated. For example, if it is a Monday, he will ask what "she feels like for dinner?" I respond with, "It doesn't care." Then Hubby says, "SHE must feel like something." This sort of conversation happens at least twice a week

Week 17 (February 1), we were back to the timer on the camera. 

Hubby took this Week 18 (February 8) photo. He was a real trooper too! He went to work for an hour or so and then came back home just to take the picture since I had conferences until 7 p.m. 

However, isn't this one so much cuter?! I thought so too! And look at that adorable Valentine garland I made off of pinterest! Thanks Jade!

 (This is me trying to back track the last few weeks. I will be better about documenting. I will be better about documenting. I will be better about documenting. I will be better about documenting......)


  1. yay! I like 17 weeks picture, it turned out well despite being self timer! stretch those shirts down so we can see the belly grow!! :)

  2. also please for the love of everything that's holy take off that crap that makes me put in a password to make a comment. ;) Then I can go COMMENT CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    PS - You look adorable and tiny. Can't wait to find out what IT is!

  3. From my Pa. The subject of the email was oh sh-t
    "well hell i tryed and i tried to put in comment abot the up dated blog, but the damn thing wouldn't do anythingg, sdaw for frinds comments but mine wouldn't do anything. anyway i said i realy was surprised to see the blog update and i'll tell you for sure you look great being a new mommy. and tell preston that he is doing a real good job of taking your pictures, keep up the good work , nan and really like these updates, love pa and nan"