Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentine's Day

I know Valentine's Day was weeks ago but I haven't posted about it! (and, I haven't posted about the 100th Day of School either, which was even further back... oops.)

One of my little sweeties brought me this adorable Valentine!

The kids were pretty cute. They kept wishing each other a Happy Valentine's Day all day long. It was like it was the greatest holiday.

I had intended to make these, let them decorate our room for a day or two and then send them home as Valentine presents but Mother Nature had a different idea. Well, maybe not Mother Nature, maybe Superintendent since a snow day was called on the 13th when there really wasn't much snow to speak of. Anyways, it was a little pinterest idea that I got from my friend Jade. She used hers to hang in the window but had the idea to make a mobile out of it. We did... but it was sort of a pain in my butt. If I do it again, it will need some re-thinking. However, they turned out quite cute.

That was Valentine's Day in a nutshell. <3

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