Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First thing we bought Snowflake was...


Tobie sniffed them and asked, "Where's my Target purchase?"

My friend let me know that Target was having a diaper sale. Buy 2 boxes and get a $10 Target gift card. Sounds like a good deal since we are going to be using diapers. So off we went for a Friday night "date".

In case you are like me, you may not know there are different kinds of diapers. I do not know the difference and may never learn but there are. For Pampers, there are Swaddlers, Baby Dry and Cruisers. Now each diaper 'brand' as I call them comes in a different count and for this bargain, you had to buy a particular count. It could be of any brand but had to follow the count. So we chose a 128 count size 1 Baby Dry and a 160 count size 2 Swaddlers.

For one box, there was a sign right there saying you got a gift card with purchase but there wasn't with the other so we checked and double checked the ad on my phone before we took them to check out. We get to the register and she rings our whole purchase up but does not offer us the gift card. Now I shop and I do bargains frequently enough to know that the register will prompt the cashier to give the gift card but it didn't. :( So, I say "We should get a $10 gift card for buying those 2 boxes of diapers."
Cashier: Oh, well let me check again. [and does a price inquiry on the boxes]. Well, it's not coming up to do a gift card.
Me: [pulling out my phone with the ad on it] Your ad says with a purchase of 2 boxes you get a $10 gift card. 
Cashier: [looks at my phone and reads the ad, then asks for someone else (I am guessing a manager type person, so that is what I will call her) to come over] Uh, they say they are supposed to get a gift card when buying these diapers but it's not coming up. And they have something on their phone.
Manager: [also price checks them] You see this asterisk? That means it qualifies for the gift card. The other box you have doesn't count.
Me: Your ad says any of these brands in the certain count size listed [and I show her the ad on my phone to which she looks at and then hastily grabs the paper edition by the register and flips through it like she is annoyed with me]. After flipping past it, I say, It was right there, on the page before, in the middle [and she hastily turns the page back].
Manager: Well it says this $37.99 box.
Me: It says the $37.99 or any of the other brands in certain sizes listed, which is what we have.
Manager: Huh. Well, I can't make the register issue a gift card but I can give you $5 off your purchase.
Me: [looking at Hubby and thinking $5?! I am supposed to get $10!] That would be fine, but can you at least do $10 since I am supposed to get a $10 gift card?!?
Manager: Oh. Sorry. Yes.

And that was the end of our first baby buying experience. It gave me a little anxiety. As we left, I asked Hubby if he thought I was crazy for pushing for my $10? 
Hubby: No, that is what the ad said. You were just following the ad.
Me: Would you have argued with them about it?? 
Hubby: I didn't have to. You did.
Me: But would you have if I weren't there?
Hubby: I guess. It is just wanting what the ad says.

I also felt bad for the 4 people in line behind us. By the time we finished, it was just one man. He probably felt 'sorry for the sucker that married her.' :) We have since returned to Target and bought two more boxes of diapers and gotten a $5 gift card without any fuss. {and I looked in their ad for this week... another gift card opportunity and I have a coupon!}

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  1. Get em girl! And with a coupon!! Woo!!

    Also, not sure if I told you this but tax free weekends in August before school starts? Diapers totally count and are tax free. Places run out quick!