Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Christmas Break Adventures- part 4

Christmas Break Adventures- part 4 which is Part 3 of Fiesta!

We headed in to the stadium in time to make a pit stop and get to our seats. Well, we thought we left enough time. University of Phoenix Stadium is ridiculous. We followed the sign to our section but when we got to a certain place, we didn't have the right tickets to proceed through there. We ended up having to walk around the entire thing to get to our seats. It was crazy. We still made it in time for all the pregame festivities.

Boone getting settled into his seat

Boone was very excited to be there and see his Cowboys in action!

Hubby is so addicted to his phone. He was all about posting and checking in while we were gone.

There's my Boo!
 After seeing the interesting band uniforms for Stanford, I was eager to actually see them perform. Until about 30 seconds into their ‘pregame show,’ where they literally ran chaotically onto the field in every which direction and then claimed to not know much about Oklahoma so they ‘researched’ the state song. Their band proceeded to make fun of Oklahomans and our state song, wondering what woman would want to be called a sticky lamb chop while watching birds in the sky. While their announcer was saying his bit, the band ran around like fools and then went back to a ‘position’ where they appeared to spell nothing. For example, our band made a fleur de lis, maybe saying we should have been in New Orleans instead? Theirs… was just random.

I would say 90 seconds into their time Oklahoma State fans got fed up and started booing until they left the field. I couldn’t tell you what the announcer kept saying because I couldn’t hear him over the loud boos.

The giant flag for the National Anthem. They even had a Bald Eagle fly from one side to the other.

"You tell 'em I'm coming and Hell's coming with me!"

Look at all that Orange Power!

The game was quite back and forth most of the time. Meaning, it seemed like our team didn't totally show up to win it, then they would turn a little fire on and then off again. I started thinking, it sure would suck to pay all this money to come out here and watch us lose. But thanks to the Stanford kicker's 3 missed field goals and some O-State defense, we were able to pull out a win in overtime! Below are pictures of the celebration and awards presentation. Keep in mind that 75% of this time, the retarded Stanford band was playing 'music' (if you could call it that). How rude. You lost, pack your stuff and head home.

Coach Gundy presented the golden Fiesta Bowl football to Kurt Budke's wife. He passed away in  a plane crash in November. It was sweet that she was the first person he wanted to be up on the podium with him.

Boone met  a new friend while we were there. Unfortunately, he was down a foot and his owner's seemed to have no clue about it even when I said, "Oh no! Your gnome is missing a foot!" A few minutes later, I heard the wife ask the husband, "what happened to his foot?"
Boone's gnome friend--- not sure how much of the game he saw with his eyes under hit hat :)

Boone took a picture with the giant W for our big, fat win in Phoenix!
 I chatted with my Dad after the game was over just to let him know that we survived and would be heading back to our hotel when traffic died down. At this time, I also found out that the in-laws had not shared the Tobie as they promised they would do. I assured my Dad I was taking mental notes for when Snowflake arrives in July. :) After going back to our hotel, we went to In-N-Out for a night cap. While there we saw Pimpstol Pete and his friend just regular old Pistol Pete. They were quite the hit for the burger joint that was full of OSU fans.

This is the morning after. We drove through Chick-Fil-A before heading to the airport. Remember how I said it was right next door? That white car is in the parking lot of our hotel. I meant RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. Unfortunately, I threw my chicken biscuit and lemonade away at the airport without eating any of it. Dang morning/motion sickness.

Boone had to take pictures with cacti at the airport. We saw them in Phoenix but it was while we were on the bus ride to the Car Rental Center. Better than none at all...

It is a Boone size desert in the airport giftshop!

Being that we are back at the airport, that means we are headed home! By the way, our flight home... was Phoenix to Detroit and then Detroit to Tulsa. I was tempted to ask for a parachute and jump out while we were over Oklahoma. Instead, I spent most of the what seemed like endless flight sleeping between two girls. Hubby on the other hand, sat 2 rows in front of me in between an older gentleman and a linebacker (?) from the Stanford team. He was going home to the Detroit area before having to return back from classes. He told Hubby that the kicker felt terrible and he probably wouldn't talk to him for a little while when they did return.

It was a nice trip but I was ready to be back home, unfortunately, my pup wasn't going to be there until we met half way Wednesday night to pick her up.

I was glad to have her back and she was glad to have me back!

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  1. I'm glad Boone got to meet his legless friend! Looks like you all had a blast.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Froyo again soon!! :)