Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Break Adventures- part 3

Christmas Break Adventures- part 3 which is Part 2 of Fiesta!

We got up and ate breakfast at our hotel. Did I ever mention Chick-Fil-A was RIGHT NEXT DOOR?! Well, you know I am not totally feeling well when I turn down a chicken biscuit for a hotel's continental breakfast of a waffle and yogurt. After breakfast, we head back to our room to actually get dressed and head out.

Lunch was next on the agenda so we head to The Tilted Kilt. His other suggestion was Hooters. Woah. I am not sure if Hubby planned it but it was an interesting place. ;) The servers were wearing tiny kilts, knee high socks and a red plaid bra that conveniently showed under their tied up shirt. To top it off, our waitress was covered in glitter. Besides the workers, I was one of 2 girls in there when we sat down.

Our waitress was not as busty as this picture but she was definitely more glittery!

 After eating, we walked to the gas station to get some beverages before heading to the game.
Beer Heaven

in the cold beer cave
Palm trees everywhere!
 A quick photo shoot in the hotel garden area since it was 80 degrees! How nice! I didn't even think to take a swimsuit. :(
At our hotel pool area

It's a Boone size palm tree!

Look! Preston and I did go together, not just him and Boone!
And then we were off! It was officially time to head towards the game! We opted to follow the directions our hotel people gave us, take the highway and avoid the hood.
Driving the Focus like he stole it!

above that white suburban and to the left is the first shot of the stadium

The official parking pass
 We wandered around [the whole stadium] checking everything out. There were several different giant bags of Tostitos around so you know Boone just couldn't resist taking a picture. He's down there, I promise.

It was SO lovely outside!!! I even ended up rolling up my pant legs!

Some giant Outlaw cooker
 After we made our way around the huge thing, we found our way to my Bunco friend, Rachel, and her family, who were tailgating about 6 rows in front of our little Focus. They were kind enough to host us for the day.

And it turns out, they picked a perfect spot for photo opportunities!

Wait a minute.... how'd he get in there?! Back off ladies, he's going to be a Daddy.

These people were in charge of making sure the Spirit Squad was where they should be on time. They were quite nice.

This was the start of the Stanford band. That is their guy drum major dressed as Hello Kitty... {At this time, we still thought they were unique and entertaining. Boy how things changed by the end of the night.}

This will have to be the end of this part. Come back later for Game Time!

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  1. I'm still sad we didn't see each other there!