Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2011- part 1

This year our Christmas adventure to Enid was shorter. Since we went to Ohio for spring break and Australia in August, Hubby didn't have any days left for the holidays. We drove to Enid on Christmas Eve and proceeded to have our traditional Christmas Eve time with Nandy and Pa.

As usual, Pa said, "We want nothing for Christmas." But, as usual, I did not listen. You see two weeks earlier when we were in town Pa gave us both a Christmas card and said, "I'm not shopping. Here's your present." BORING! I took the card with money it, knowing I had a bettero plan.

I instructed Hubby that we were going to buy gifts for us, wrap them, and put a tag on them from Nandy and Pa. Then, we were going to take these presents to Enid and open them on Christmas Eve. And we did just that.

This is Pa's face as Hubby is setting down the laundry basket full of present. He followed it up with "You guys don't know what nothing means, do ya?!"

I made Pa be Santa, since of course he is closest to Santa'a age. He started by handing Nandy one of my presents. Now, I knew exactly which were mine since I had wrapped them and told him that he didn't know how to read. He looked again and said, "To Jennie Marie, From Nandy and Pa??" He was confused but kept going and read carefully, "To Preston, From Nandy and Pa?" "To Nandy, From Connie, Jennie, Preston and Tobie" etc... After the third or fourth gift he passed out that he and Nandy "bought", he looked at her and said, "Did you go shopping?!"

When the present were all passed out, I noticed him watching as we opened our gifts. The first one I opened from them was socks. He said, "Hot dog! Do you like 'em?" Then Hubby opened a shirt, "Did I get the right size?? Is it the right color?" The best was probably when I opened a purse they bought me, "I hope it is the right kind."

This is the dress and purse that Nandy and Pa 'bought' me for Christmas! Cute, HUH?!?

Here is the Hubby modeling a new shirt he got from Nandy and Pa

Nandy and Pa also got gifts too, whether they wanted them or not! One of these days, the old man might learn that I won't let him get away with 'nothing". But I will say it was fun to surprise them with the gifts they so nicely got us and wrapped up. :)

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  1. That is SO fun! Your Pa sounds like a real keeper! ;)