Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Tobie and I started out our MLK Day off of school to 2 heels, which means no toast for breakfast. :(

Then we watched a little Live with Kelly, like we like to and got showered for the day. Our plan was to go to the vet at 11. It is Tobie's least favorite month to visit the vet because it is when she gets a shot in all four corners. She gets her yearly vacccinations and prodding at plus her monthly Addison's shot.

I put her harness on and we headed out the door... only to find that my car wouldn't start. I called Hubby to ask him how the Jumpstart/Compressor worked and he said to hook it up to the battery, turn it on, then start the car. Easy enough. Except when you turn the switch on and nothing happens. "You might have to charge it first." Hubby says. I said, "What good is it if I have to charge it? I need it now." So, charge we did.

While we waited, we went for a walk, cleaned out the birdbath and put out a new suet block for the birds since they devoured the other one in an hour. Hungry little guys! Then I decided, since I didn't have breakfast, I would eat lunch early and fix Hubby something when he came home. The plan was to have chicken strips, Easy Mac, and what little salad I could dig out of the bag that wasn't slimy or turning red. I like to eat what Hubby calls a suped up salad, which is salad with cheese, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, hard boiled egg, and turkey lunchmeat. I had boiled some eggs the other day so I just had to warm it up a little.

My chicken strips finished cooking so I got my salad ready. And then...... it happened. Apparently, the egg got too warm and exploded when I tried to cut it up!

What's hard to see in this picture is that my recipe box, the little dry erase thing and wall  is covered in egg yolk.

It spewed all over the floor

and all over the stove!
I cleaned it up off of the floor so Tobie wouldn't eat it and then proceeded to eat my lunch. When Hubby got home he said, "Woah!" I guess the pictures in text message didn't do it justice. Other than the huge mess, my lunch was tasty!

After lunch, Hubby was able to get my car started so Tobie and I were off to the vet. Her check up went fine so she is good to go for another year, at least for her yearly stuff, but we will probably look into having her teeth cleaned for Dental Health month in February (and because she needs it).

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