Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas Break Adventures- part 2

Christmas Break Adventures- part 2 is part 1 of Getting to the Fiesta! Clear as mud, right?

After returning from Texas, I had 3 days to hang with my pup before packing up and heading off to Phoenix, Arizona! The in-laws came over to visit Grandma Ree and also take Tobie home with them for babysitting while we were away. I was quite emotional and sad when they drove off with her in the backseat. It must have been the newly pregnant hormones because I have never been that sad to send her off. The whole trip I blamed Hubby for making me leave her. We saw a lady with her dog on the plane, "Her husband must love her.... she got to bring her dog." or dogs walking around the airport, "They are so lucky!" It was bad.

After I got it together, we headed to Travis and Robin’s New Year’s Pajama Jam! We rang in the New Year and then some before I took the champagne bottle away from Hubby and drug him home. After all, we had a plane to catch the next day! I tried several times to get him not to drink champagne but he just wouldn’t listen. He was feeling a little bubbly on the way to Phoenix. (ha! serves you right for not listening to your wife!)

I was nervous about flying because 1) I am in my first trimester (which equals nauseous and sick) and 2) I am motion sick kid. And, to top it off, I couldn’t take any medicine to ease the motion sickness. Thankfully, I did fine but I sure did check my seat back pocket the second I sat down…. just in case.

Boone and Patti were 'gifted' to us on Christmas. They wanted to hitch a ride to the Fiesta Bowl, so brace yourself for some pictures of Boone having a good time. {Patti ended up staying home. Have YOU ever traveled with 2 gnomes? They are high maintenance so they had to draw straws and Boone won the golden ticket.}

Boone wanted to be first in line for First Class- apparently, he didn't get the memo that we fly at the back of the plane

After we let him down gently about first class, he opted for posing by the Christmas tree

"Does it look right?" -trying to find the perfect gnome size cowboy hat is hard when everything is bigger in Texas

Networking during our layover

This is what I had to deal with the entire trip!

Pa told me to look for Camelback--- Is this it? I can sort of see a camel, can you?

Escalating in Phoenix

We made it! Now to get our luggage and rental car.
 We picked out our snazzy Ford Focus and were off to our hotel. Hubby used his phone as navigation to get (since he said we didn't need to pack Nina, our GPS, after his battery was drained I think he wished he had listened and let me pack her... notice how we are back to listening to your wife?! huh.) His phone led us the long way and straight through the ghetto to get to our hotel.

"Sweet! I can buy a forklift while I am here!"
 Once we finally made it to our hotel, we unloaded our bags and Hubby charged his phone for a bit before we headed to eat. We hoped in the car and drove approximately 100 yards to In-N-Out for a burger.

YUM! [the people in the background on the left were the only nice Stanford fans I remember]
After eating, we headed back to the hotel and hit the hay, you know, we have a big game tomorrow!
Stay tuned for Fiesta Day!

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  1. haha so funny! Poor Tobie misses Mama. Just wait until you leave your baby behind sometime! It's ROUGH! ;)