Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas 2011- Part 2

Christmas morning, we opened presents at my Daddy’s house. Tobie loves to help open presents and today was no different.

Get that present open, girlfriend!

Dad with his calendar that clearly and brightly reminds him when my birthday is
After opening presents, we got showered up and put on our matching PJ’s to head over to the in-laws for Christmas. We had to take our regular pictures in front of the tree, hunt for the pickle, and the opening of stockings before opening presents. At Thanksgiving time last year, we decided as a family (us, the in-laws and Hubby’s brother and wife) that we were not doing presents this year and were going to adopt a family from the YWCA. Though the tree looked bare with gifts at their house, we knew some lady and her three (almost all) teenage children were having a lovely morning tearing open gifts. And, even though we ‘weren’t doing gifts,’ we all made out nicely.

The usual picture in front of the tree with the in-laws

Hubby and I with my Dad

I found the pickle and won a gift card!

Tobie, being the good little shopper she is, found an adorable bag with a Westie on it and bought her grandparents a gift wrapped in it. Below is video footage of this gift being opened. {Excuse the poor quality and how it goes all over the place, my phone video camera always turns the picture, no matter how you hold it so it always seems like the footage is crooked. You may have to tilt your head to watch the video.}

It really was as chaotic and crazy as it sounded… and it continued for at least an hour after. There was one stipulation to knowing this news, “You can’t tell ANYONE for another month. If you tell within the month, you won’t see the baby until it is a month old.” You see, in Enid, news travels. My mother-in-law is good friends with one of my high school friend’s mom/family member. If she found out, she would tell her daughter, who would tell her cousin, who would then question me as to why she was the last to find out yet my lifelong friend. You see how this could just keep going?!

Anyways, you would have thought that we just gave them a gazillion dollars... but really we are just having a baby. My sweet Daddy-O was so excited although he was overshadowed by all the other craziness. Even though he is already a Grandpa is still so excited! He even made sure to tell me how proud my Mom would be. :)

Our little family on Christmas Day
Later, we Skyped Ryan and Priscilla to tell them the big news. We ate lunch and then went to share the news with Nandy and Pa. We decided to just let Tobie go in like normal but in her Big Sister shirt. We were just going to wait it out until they noticed. As we pulled into the driveway, Hubby says, “How long do you think it will take them to notice?”

Tobie of course ran right out the doggie door but that gave us all time to get settled into the living room. Then this happened…
Please excuse the shrill sound that seems to be my voice on video.

For some reason, it would not load the same way the other video did. :( But at least it can be viewed, or it should be able to be viewed.

One might say it was a little calmer than the first, but who’s judging?! My Pa commented that “Our baby granddaughter is going to have a baby!” He was also not too thrilled about having to keep it a secret for another month. But rules are rules. :) This time was going to give us time to tell the people we wanted to tell without them having to hear through facebook or the grapevine.

With Nandy and Pa after telling them the news

My Dad with his granddog, who is sharing the news

We tried to get in touch with my brother and Claire but were unsuccessful. I guess he didn't realize what he was missing out on by not answering my request to Skype. 

Later that night, we headed home so I could pack my bags for my next adventure... Dallas! (which will come in another post.)

And that my friends, is our Christmas. Don't know that we can top it in 2012 but it will be exciting nonetheless. The question is... can they keep it a secret? Stay tuned for the answer!


  1. LOVE IT. Totally made me cry. I'm so excited for you. You guys will be the best parents!

  2. OH MY GOSH. I LOVE THE VIDEO!! Your family is so freaking precious. They want a baby so bad!! :)

    And yes, you CAN top it in 2012 cause you will have a little one to enjoy it with. Trust me, it just gets better!

    So excited for you!