Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Break Adventures- part 1

My next adventure led to the Big D, well Plano, Texas. I went to visit my BFF, Missy, who was home from Australia for Christmas. We bunked up together at her parents’ house. It was like spending the night with a friend in high school. It seemed obvious to both of us that we are old now. We hardly did any shopping, which is very unlike us, and the shopping we did… shoe inserts at Target. BORING! We also only took 1 silly picture (at least I only have 1), which is also very unlike us!

It was so nice to see her and just get to chill though.

Boone also went along for the ride. He never left the car though.

Our silly picture

Little Sally was hiding in the closet. She was very glad I was flying solo (ie. left Tobie at home)

Harry was in the closet too. They both came out of the closet by the end of the night. :)

A sign for Missy since I am banned from drinking
On the way, Boone demanded a pit stop at his owner's old stomping grounds, Henryetta, Oklahoma!

He even took his bride out on the town

Henryetta = town for lovers

All Aboard!

Checking out the territory at the Territorial Museum

It was a lovely day for a photo shoot!

On our way out of town

 It was a good, quick trip. Now I am back home for a few days before the next Christmas Break adventure... Fiesta!

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