Friday, January 13, 2012


My Pa is one of, okay, probably my only, faithful readers. He scopes it out and then gets my Nandy to go back and read too. Although you have read some of the Crazy Stuff my Pa Says, and says, and says... He also has nice things to say. He hasn't learned how to leave a comment but will frequently email me his comments. I think they are very sweet and worth documenting here. Maybe the next time I am at their house I will show him how to comment on his own.

He was so excited when I had updated AND he got pictures from Hubby:
Holy Cow I hit the jacket on the computor today. got a whole bunch of pictures from preston.........LOVE them, I may want to come work for you even if i can just sweep the floors. I am not showing pictures a one time want spread them out to enjoy the beauty. thanks a bunch preston i really do enjoy them. you done good......Boy i'm so proud of you two i popped the buttons off my shirt. you done good on paying off your school loans wippee hot diggy good good , proud of you both. and you share with about your Christmas children, good good good and again i'm proud for the both of you. you two with out a know what makes the world go round. GOD BLESS BOTH AND MAY HE KEEP HIS ARMS AROUND YOU FOR EVER... LOVE PA L.....

After reading about Claire's Angel:
hello jennie marie , i just wanted you to know nandy and i really love the angel, and i'm sure cliare will remember it also.. Love nandy and pa l

After reading about Claire's visit and the making of the glitter pumpkins (at their house):
the subject line read: damn good report
dear jennie and preston, it's 9am and i just read your blog, all i can say is damn good report and i enjoyed very much. keep up the good work. love you'll very much pa l.

All I can say is that I am one lucky girl to have such great grandparents. People should be jealous. ;)

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  1. I am a faithful reader! Just not a faithful commenter. So you have 2. And your Pa is hilarious.