Sunday, January 30, 2011

Days 93-95... finally.

93- Carpet installed!!! It is feels like walking on clouds, or at least how I imagine walking on clouds. Now we just wait and see who makes the first spill.

94- Our house is slowly getting put back together. Hubby finds it time to rearrange and throw things away. Apparently, I wasn’t using that cell phone holder and the nasty mark on the wall from where we put our feet on the desk but then on the wall when using the computer needs to be moved to another place in our ‘puter (pronounced pewter) room.’ I am not sure Tobie will be thrilled with the new location of her lookout command post in the ‘lake house (also known as our guest room).’ She used to have the whole foot of the bed to lounge on while looking out the window. Now she has to perch on the head of the bed by the pillow.

95- Even though it has been descent weather all week, we never made it out… until today. It was nice spring like weather! Too bad there is supposed to be a cold front coming in next week.

A joke conversation by two of my little friends today:
1-“Why did the squirrel cross the road?”
2-“To get to the tree.”
1-“No. To get eaten by the giant.”
2-“Hm. That’s not very smart, is it Mrs. Snow?”

I pretended that I didn’t hear the joke because I was too busy trying to laugh at the second child’s response to the ‘punch line’ of the joke. I ended up telling him that it probably didn’t make much sense.

Number Masters report: I have two students that are working on 1-25. Thinking about where they started makes me so proud of where they are now! They are getting closer each time. My goal will be to have them working on 1-50 by spring break. That means I have about 6 weeks.

We are 5 days away from the 100th day of school. Though the kids don’t really know what that means, heck, I don’t either. When I was in school there were no 100 day celebrations. I wonder who started this? Maybe I should Google it to see if I can find an answer.

A quick installment of stuff my Pa says:

On my way home, I decided to call my grandparents. I hadn’t heard from them in a while and just wanted to check in, especially since I hadn’t been able to blog for a few days since out computer wasn’t hooked up. While chatting with Pa, he says, “What are you going to do when they make a law that says you can’t talk on the phone when you’re driving?”

Me: “I’m not holding the phone. You are on speaker phone.”
Pa: “Oh, you mean you are using one of those ear things?”
Me: “No, you are on speakerphone. I am using the seatbelt and my boobs to hold the phone. They’ve got to be used for something.”
Pa:”Preston doesn’t use ‘em?”
Me: [laughing]“Um. You are a dirty old man.”
Pa: “Well, you said they had to be used for something. That is something.”

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