Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to the grind

Day 80 is in the books now. The kids did well today!!! It wasn't an awful, practice procedures, pain in the neck kind of day. The little babies are growing up.

I previously mentioned that my crazy storyteller was moving. Well guess what?! That fell through. I wasn't going to believe it until he was really gone. I am glad he didn't move. He makes me laugh; however, today he kind of worked my nerves.

In a few weeks, my kids will be DIBEL'd. DIBELS is a state mandated test that helps us see how children are performing academically. We started today preparing for it. We are going over letter sounds, reading nonsense words, and making up sentences for random words like no one's business! Hopefully it will show in their scores (which don't mean a whole lot to me but apparently the state loves them).

On an at home level, we are 4 days into 2011.
  • I have walked 6 miles in my guest room, also known as the lakehouse, with my "friend" Leslie Sansone. I am getting ready to have to kick Hubby off of his video game so I can go walk 2 more miles.
  • My Grandma turned 90! Seriously.
  • Our "better late than never cards" should be here tomorrow. Hubby has the address labels ready to print so hopefully they will be in the mail by Friday at the latest.
  • My adorable niece and less than adorable brother will be here Friday!!! I talked to my principal and plan on leaving in the middle of the day to go pick that little cutie up at the airport and then go back to school. I will finish the day and then be Enid bound for the weekend.
Off to walk. The last two nights I have started at 10:45-->Not good. I have got to get into my school sleep again, which isn't a whole lot different, but I don't enjoy going to bed at 1-1:30 and still laying there for another 30-45 minutes before falling asleep.

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