Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNOW DAY!!! x2


This is not completely how I felt this morning though... Last night, Tobie and I fell asleep on the couch hoping for a snow day. Around 6:50 this morning, Hubby came in to see if we were going to get up. So I did. I got in the shower and was getting ready to get dressed when he came back in and said, "You don't have school." I immediately thought, "What?!? I didn't get a call or see it on the news!"

I go hunt down my silly new phone to find it dead. Stupid thing doesn't hold a charge for an entire day! When I plugged it in and turned it on I found a text from my teacher friend saying we don't have school. I was confused as to why the news didn't say it and irritated that the dumb phone died and I had gotten up when I didn't need to.

After confirming it online, I promptly put on jammies and went back to the sofa-mobile with my pup. There we spent the rest of the morning. :) Hubby came home for lunch and when he left called to tell me there was a car on fire outside. It was about 3 telephone poles down from our neighborhood so I threw on some shoes and a coat. From what Hubby saw before there was a huge cloud of black smoke is that the car hit a telephone pole. By the time I got out there, there was so much smoke I didn't actually know it was a car until they got it extinguished. I took one picture on that stupid fancy phone, but don't know how to get it off. Stay tuned. Maybe I will figure it out. **** I got it! ****

Not a great picture at all but it TOO COLD to walk any closer so you get the idea
At 5:00, I received the call! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!! I guess they are concerned with what the roads will be in the morning. YAY! NO MORE RISE AND SHINE!!!!! Sorry friends that pretended they wanted to do it in front of the school.

I do have tentative plans tomorrow that consist of the 4th Annual Sapulpa Truck Touch on Saturday, May 14th from 10-2. Mark it on your calendar! It is always a good time for the whole family!

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