Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 86-87.

This picture sums up the last two days of school. By snow day, I mean cold weather day.

Last year, we had school called for a few days because the weather was too cold for students to safely get to and from school. I had never heard of that and last year thought, "this is silly, we should be at school so we don't have to go into June." This year is a different story! Even though we just started back and will get a four day weekend for MLK day I was hoping for snow days this week. I think my kids were too!

Day 86, they were pumped full of all kinds of attitude. I felt like I was in the room with a bunch of teenagers. Gee whiz.

Today, Day 87, someone I felt like someone slipped them all some sort of downer. Calmness seemed to fill the air. There were also four kids gone so I had 13. My principal came for my evaluation. As far as I know, I have not been fired. My kids did really well while she was in there! I wish they would always work so calmly and do their quiet activities so quietly, but... I do not want my principal sitting in my room everyday, so I will take a little chaos.

First thing this morning, I found out that I am getting one of my students back from the other class. You see, this friend was under a table having a little 'show and tell' time with another student. Somewhere in the mix, it was suggested to move this kid back. You know me, when I was told this I responded, "Why aren't the parents just teaching their kid that it is not okay?" To which I was answered, "They have told them but this is the second time it's happened so we are going to make an effort to put it to a stop." Again, I respond, "So why is it now my problem (thinking how my students are going to question why this student is returning)?" I sort of got tired of waiting for a reasonable answer and walked out. Sometimes, I just feel that is the most polite thing I can do.

Now, I am not a parent but I do have a very well behaved dog, hopefully that is a good sign for how my kids will turn out. My 'parent' thinking on this is:
-I get it, the first time they are curious or not sure what to think of the situation---> So, sit the child down and make it very clear to them it is unacceptable behavior. Remind them they are privates for a reason.
-A second time happens? ---> Time to rehash the curiosity with the child while they are STANDING at dinner because their little fanny is too sore to sit. "Did I not talk to you about this 4 weeks ago? You had the choice to get under the table with this friend. You know it is wrong so you get out of the situation and tell a teacher immediately."
-A third??? --->Better not happen!

But, like I said, I am not a parent (of a human child) so what do I know? I just wonder what kind of example we are setting for this child. 'You can do this and this and just get moved out the class to stop the problem instead of teaching them how to make the right choices.

Any input? Pal, tell me what you would do if you were the parent.

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  1. Could your blog be any more wonderful?! I love it! I have no suggestions on your show and tell situation. :o( Gah. Unfortunate. Proud to teach with you!