Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 85

It was snowing today! During our morning rise and shine program, our principal announced that kids needed to watch Channel 6 news to find out there is school tomorrow. All my kids heard was: "There's no school tomorrow!" Which isn't what she said AT ALL. I am still keeping my fingers crossed. :)

Due to the weather, I had 3 kids gone which meant I had 14 kids today. After all these years, it is still amazing how much a difference a few kids being gone can make.

We are doing a mini book study on The Mitten by Jan Brett. Thanks to one of my partners, I was able walk in to things ready to go. I just had to make copies. She planned it all. That is what I love about team work and the people I work with! The kids really seemed to enjoy the story about all these animals crawling into a lost mitten in the snow.

Going to cross my fingers and toes for a snow day! Join me??

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