Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 89 Part Deux (doesn't that sound fancy?!)

So, somewhere I got off in my count. It threw my kids for a little loop when I said, "we are not adding another straw, penny or number to our count." Oh well. Life goes on.

Today was our first day to do Rise and Shine. R&S is a silly assembly that is put on every day of the week. Monday and Friday is done in the gym as a whole school and Tuesday-Thursday is done on the "KEGL radio show," also known as an intercom. (Do you notice that says kegel, like your kegel muscles, ew.)Lucky for me, we didn't have school on Monday so we are only responsible for 4 days. Ask any teacher and they will tell you that they LOATHE being in charge of R&S.  

Tomorrow is the day we have been preparing for since January 4th. The big DIBELS day. When we were practicing again today, I can tell the kids that will excel more because they were actually participating. I can only take them to the water. I can't make them drink it.

I forgot to take a picture of our mitten. I remembered during the day and then I forgot. This is my reminder to do it tomorrow. :)

This is my Pal's remark about a previous post or two. Some of the things he says, I don't want to forget, like the fur lined jock strap!
"I just wanted to tell you your example to your class about MLK was outstanding and I'm really proud of you and your example. Good show No 1 Granddaughter

About the kids under the desk, sorry i can't help you, i was surprise they are concerned at this age, as you say i'm just to old for whats going on today in this old world . love pal. "

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