Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 81

Today was still good with my friends. Some of them were pushing it though. While they were working on math, I overheard, "Nationwide is on your side." You know, the tune from the Nationwide commercials?! Then I hear it sung again, "Nationwide is on your side." followed by, "Did ya'll know that?!?!" His tablemates look at him and say, "HUH?!" He says, "Ya'll didn't know. Nationwide is on your side!" SO! FUNNY!

Later in the day, a different friend got upset that someone may have thrown away a piece he needed to label his snowman. He kind of threw a fit and started crying. I thought I heard him say he wanted to "smack her" so I called him over to ask what happened and why he was so upset. He tells me that "she threw away my last piece." I tell him, "It's no big deal. Just write in what is missing. There is no need to get upset." My Nationwide friend happened to be standing there and chimes in, "I had to that before. It's really not a big deal. Just write it with a pencil." It was also a little funny because there have been times that this particular child has gotten all worked up about something that could be solved easily by writing the answer in. Apparently he has listened to me and remembered the advice I gave him.

We are 5 days in and have continued my walking. I walked 3 miles yesterday and 2 today! I just have to remember to pack her up for the weekend. Maybe if I write it enough, I will remember. :)

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