Thursday, January 12, 2012


Looking back through the pictures on my phone, it became really clear to me how much I haven’t documented. I apologize for any lost sleep to my 2 readers, please forgive me?

For Halloween, I dressed up like a tooth fairy. I decided in August that is what I wanted to be. Of course, I waited until the weekend before Halloween to gather the materials for my costume. I overheard that teachers in the upper grades didn’t recommend dressing as a tooth fairy because it would ruin the idea of it for kids. Um, isn’t Halloween supposed to be when you get to be whatever you want, real or fantasy? I thought so too. I also thought it was very fitting since I sent home about 6 teeth the 2 weeks before Halloween.

Below are snacks that were sent for our Halloween party. Very cute!

This is a random but super cute picture a little friend drew of Batman. :)

The same child that brought the fun Halloween snacks did not disappoint for Thanksgiving.
These are cupcakes with a dallop of icing covered with caramel. The 'stuffing' appeared to be graham cracker crumbs with green sprinkles.

We also had bite sized caramel apples.

You can't pass Thanksgiving without making at least one thing with hand turkeys!
"Look! My turkey is on top of the boy turkey." --why?
"Cause he loves him." --oh, is that how you love someone?
"Yeah. Sometimes when my mom wants a kiss, she wrestles on my dad."

We also made these cute little hand Mayflowers. I got the idea from pinterest!

Our 2nd graders were in charge of the Christmas program this year. This is my handy work at helping create some sort of decoration. One of the other teachers wanted to make it but needed help executing it. How do I get roped into these things?

Christmas Around the World
La Befana- the friendly witch that some believe deliver gifts in Italy

 These are some poinsettias we made to remember Christmas in Mexico. The other kindergarten teacher had traced petals and leaves so hers were all neat and looked the very similar. Ours on the other hand was a last minute, 'our book got messed up in the copier, here's a sheet of red paper, cut your own leaves' project.

You can definitely see that no two poinsettias are alike.

Ok, that should get you through until Christmas break started. We were on the go during my two weeks off so that will have to be another post.

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