Monday, January 16, 2012

Friday Night Lights

So we are home Friday night, hurriedly getting ready for our Sunday School class Lazy Santa party. What's Lazy Santa, you ask? Where you give a gift away that you do not care to keep at your house, so basically a re-gifting party.

Anyways, I was checking in on my celebrity friends on when I hear sirens. Then I notice the flashing lights are turning in to our neighborhood. How exciting! A few minutes later, I hear more sirens and see more flashing lights. This time, I decided to venture out to the front yard to check it out.

Thanks to GoogleEarth, Photoshop and Paint, I made this little diagram to help you.

Across the Y intersection in our neighborhood, I see an ambulance with the back opened up. Then I notice a firetruck to the north of our house. While standing out there I also see 2 police cars leave the neighborhood to the west of us, skip our neighborhood, and go to the one on the east of us. About 2 minutes later, those two police cars come zooming into our neighborhood, almost hitting the fireman that had run over on foot to check on the scene going on in our neighborhood.

While standing in our front yard, we heard the sound of handcuffs. Apparently, the driver of the little white car I drew ran into a red truck that, according to Hubby- is always parked there at night. Hubby's speculation is drunk driving or drugs. Who knows if that is accurate.

Part 1 with the ambulance and police cars

Part 2- where the fire was. (almost in the middle of the picture, you can see a tiny red dot... that was the fire coming out of the roof! I promise it was there!)
That was our Friday the 13th in a nutshell! How was yours?!

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