Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back to the Grind

Christmas break is officially over. I returned to school to kids that missed me. I had a conversation with one student that went like this:

Kid- I know you went to a game. Where was it?
Me- It was in Arizona.
Kid-Well, did you win your game?
Me- Yes, I did (as if I actually got on the field and won it).
Kid, who was joined by others- YAY!!!
It was sweet! That is a perk to my job, my students love me and miss me when I am gone.

On our way home from the airport, I texted my longtime friend, Holly. I simply sent her the picture of Tobie in her Big Sister shirt and just waited for her to call me. It only took about 4 minutes. She said she was putting her little boy down, praying for us, when she came out to find the picture. She too was told that she couldn’t tell anyone until later.

Wednesday night, after picking up Tobie, we went to Hideaway Pizza to meet some of our friends for dinner. Cody and Jessica were in town from Ohio with their baby, Caroline. It was a nice evening of catching up. They were also let in on the secret. I was also finally able to Skype with my niece to tell her too.
It made me all nervous to start telling people our joyous news for fear that it would spread like wildfire. Luckily, we have very trusting friends who continued to keep our secret until January 18th.

On Wednesday, January 18th, at 15 weeks, the big day had arrived for the grandparents. They were given the all clear to tell their friends and whoever else they wanted to share the news with. MIL was so excited to have her girls night while my Dad was able to tell all of his friends during choir practice.

I called my longtime friend (like since I was a baby), Jennifer, to tell her too. I told her she would 'need to expect a little snow in the middle of July,' she said, "Wait, what?" So I told her again and gave her a chance to think about it and then she shared it a few times with her husband. Then, she let me talk to my 7 year old godson, Gabe. I didn't want to just jump into it with him so I asked how church was that night and what he was up to, 'it was good. I am playing a video game.... (I have no idea what game but he talked to me about for a little bit).' Then said, "Can you come over this weekend?" He was asking because my Dad had dropped their Christmas presents off and Jennifer was having them (Gabe and his brother Eli) wait to see if we would show back up in town. I told him I would talk to Preston and let him know. "Okay. Love you bye." Before he gives the phone back I tried to get his attention so I could tell him but his game must have been calling. Jennifer said, "What did Miss Jennie say?" "She told me she would talk to Preston." "And what else." At this point, I said real loud, "I didn't get to tell him!" So she puts him back on the phone. I said, "Gabe, Preston and I have a surprise. We are going to have a baby." After a little pause he said, "That is a surprise! I had no idea! My friend is having a baby on Leap Year." I think he was picturing his friend's mom and thinking, Jennie didn't look like that last time I saw her. I told him it would be here in July so we still had a little time and then he asked, "Is it a girl or boy?" I told him we didn't know yet and asked what he would want... "We need a girl. We just have baby Payton and she lives far away."

His reaction was really cute and Jennifer told me she wished she had video taped him. She said he had a joker like smile and then got a real excited look on his face. After talking to them, I called Kathy (Jennifer's mom, who was also one of my mom's good friends) too. She was also excited to hear the good news.

It was also made facebook public with a status update:
"The extended forecast calls for a little snow to arrive in July."
This was followed by overwhelming congratulations from friends and family.

Matt Lemon ‎:) to you and Preston Snow!! Actually a double :) :)

Sarah Gareis Launchbaugh No way!!!! Congrats:). That's wonderful news!!

Heather Horton Woo hoo!!! A little bundle of snow!! I can't wait to meet her! (or him) I love you too sooo much!!!!!

Heather Horton Oops Two...I'm just do excited!!!

Jennifer Bollinger Powers We are so excited for you guys!! Hope you are feeling well.

Jennifer Bollinger Powers I like that facebook told me "with Preston Snow".

Katie Campbell Congratulations! You will be such wonderful parents!

Tessa Beaulieu Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you!

Mandy Newell Kinser How exciting!!! Congratulations!

Kendall LeFlore Can't wait to meet the little Snowflake :)

Nicci Jo Brose What?! Are you serious!?!?? Oh my gosh!!!! Really?!?!? Yay!!!!! Oh I'm so excited! I have been waiting for this news for FOREVER!!!! Wait, this isn't a joke, right? You are for reals! Oh snowball!!!! You are going to be such a good mommy!!! Oh I'm so excited! Oh I have to go tell my hubby! He will be so excited too! I really hope this isn't a joke! Lol! Oh, yay!!!!!!!!

Terri Hannah Sears We haven't had a baby at a tailgate party in a long time. So, so happy for you guys!

Melissa Comer Congratulations!!! That is so exciting ;-)

Jennifer Liggett So super excited. We'll go w Gabe n say a girl!!!

James Hudson That's cute, A LITTLE SNOW he he he or she she she

Michelle Doss I am sooooo excited. Congratulations!!!!

Sally Bauer Congratulations Jennie and Preston!! Exciting!!

Amanda Gillham North OMG!!! So exciting!!! Congrats you two!!!! BTW I love how you worded that. It took me a sec to figure it out. lol ;)

Karrie Wray Congrats!!!! That's so exciting! So happy for y'all! Clever way to announce.

Mary Ives Cooper Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
Jana Coatney SHUT UP! :oD Congratulations! You guys will be the BEST parents! Eeeee!

Missy Joy Protas I can finally say it without getting in trouble, Jennie's preggo!!! :) love you guys!!

Susan Brackey Kubes OMG! What? Congratulations to you both! So excited for you guys.

Courtney Allen So so so so excited!!!

Kristen Cisco Haha love the way you said that!! Congrats !!!

Elizabeth Taylor Oh my gosh!!!! Yeah!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Erin Beeson Lester Jennie!! What great news! Congrats to you all! Tobi must be thrilled!

Erin Weisz Whaaaaaaat!? Yay!! Congratulations!

Heather Haffner YAY!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to hear this!!!!Congratulations!!! :)

Melissa Guinn Kahle Congrats Snow!! We're so excited for you!!! Yay!!!

Rachel White Nolen I had a feeling!!!!! Yay congrats you two!!!

Carrie Corley Walling Congrats to you both!!! So exciting!

Rachel Barnhart Congratulations!!!!
Michelle Brandt-Livesay Congrats!!! So exciting!
Nancy Koelling Bollinger That must have been what put Jimmy in the hospital when you told him! He was overcome with joy!! congratulations Mama Jenny!! Another baby to spoil!!

Kevin Ta Congratulaions!!!!
Derek Reeves congradulations
Amber Stafford-Alexander Congrats! You are going to have a wonderful blessing!
Clint Shankle That little snow will be a blizzard in no time. ;) Congrats!

Jenny Webster Congratulations!!! So happy for both of you!!

Tiffany Campbell OMG that is so awesome....congrats I'm so happy for you!! Can't wait!!

Troy Balenti Congratulations from the Balentis
Jennifer Hula Feather How exciting, congrats!!!
Russell Edington Awesome!!!

Courtney Terlip Breeding Congrats!!
Evelyn Jones Awesome!
Priscilla Snow Congrats! Love you guys!
Margaret Chambers Wow! Exciting news! I'm so happy for you and your husband!! Congratulations!!!!!
Shannon Balenti yeah!!!!!!! I secretly hope its a girl :)

Jessie-Marie 'Brown' Wasson Awesome! In order for this to have happened, I guess Preston's beard wasn't too revolting to you... :)
Harlan Ross um...maybe the most adorable way to announce a baby...ever. =) congrats on you new Snow!
Haylee 'Butler' Winsett Omg Jennie!!!! Not gonna lie, it took me a couple seconds to "get it!" I really thought the weather pattern was changing since its 70* in January ;-) Lol!!! I'm so happy for a little SNOW in July!! Congrats:-)

Katie Sattre OMG! I didn't get it until Haylee said something! Such a cute way to announce it! CONGRATS!

Natalie Garrett YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you guys!

Julie Heerwagen Congrats to you guys!!! Yeah!!!!!

Meredith Jones Congratulations Jennie and Preston! Just seems like yesterday we were hangin' out in the "Office". I am so happy for your guys.

Jill Linn Congrats! I'm so happy for you and Preston.

Facebook also allows for people to like a status. There were a few friends from all walks of life that liked it too...
Emily Fritts

 Alexandria Castellanos
 Natalie Garrett
 Michelle Doss
 Jaime Lee
 Kerry Fox
 Sarah Garrison Majors
 Jade Chapman Finney
Claudia Klimas Paden
 Kathy Haworth
 Allison Miles
Travis Splawn
 Leigh Ann Gillham
 Priscilla Snow
Regina Hoffman Chace
Dana Freudenberger
 Ryan Snow
 Francine Dalton
 Christen Rogers
 Amanda Gillham North
 Lindsey Blubaugh
Jana Coatney
 Liz Cromwell
Hanna Hubbs
 Stacy Whited
Brandolyn Henderson
 Brian Eakin
 Katie Brown Hill
Jade Beck
Nicole Lynne Schreiber
 Rashun Miller
 Jason Powers
 Harlan Ross
Amanda Todd
 Andrea Bonnett
Sara Chown
 Samantha Kessler
Jackie Lease
 Kari Duvall
Stephanie Powell
 Jolene Burdg Gray
 Melissa Comer
Amy Halliburton Tate
 Mandy Smith Davis
Ashley Fanning
Katie Callaghan Wingfield
 Courtney Allen
 Michelle A. Benish
 Tiffany Hill
 Torri Stell
 Adrienne Wright
 Jennifer Bollinger Powers
 Joanie Mullins
Kerri Protas Fulks
 Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls
 Denise Paez
 Joseph Coatney
 Courtney McMahan Parks
Andy Karlin
 Nathan Campbell
Heath Melrose
 Hollie Gattis Koehn
 Elizabeth 'Crawford' Field
 Carolyn Meadows
Ashley Kerr 
 Holly Barron
 Russell Edington
Michelle Taggart Colopy
Ashley Emmerson
Casey Struttmann
 Jennie Matlock
 Chelsea McIlwee
 Gentry Squires
Jim Snow
Rachel Barnhart
Kendall LeFlore

I know it seems silly to list all of this but I want Baby Snowflake to know it was loved from the minute people found out. Seeing all of the kind words reminds me how lucky I am to have such great people in my life.

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  1. Are you kidding me...Baby Snowflake has been loved for years, we have just been 'patiently' waiting for this Snowbaby to be perfectly formed!! Love you Biggie and that baby!!!