Friday, December 10, 2010


72- At school, our principal does a question of the week. This week it was stupid, but good because it was something simple I could help my kids do since many parents don’t give a rip.
The following is a child’s answer.

When I read “Blitzed,” I immediately pictured a stumbling, drunk reindeer. I had to hold back laughter and say, “Excellent job. I will make sure that gets turned in.”

73- Nothing to write home about…. Well, wait. We got an Elf on the Shelf. The class voted and named him FiFi. Who knows why??? BUT, FiFi is there to watch to see who is naughty or nice. He flies home to North Pole each night to report to “The Boss.” Then the next day he is in a different spot in the classroom. Some kids said they didn’t believe he was real. Some kids believed. I told them, “It’s your opinion. You are entitled to believe or not believe but FiFi will still be here to report back to Santa on who is naughty and nice. What will he say about you?”

74- First thing this morning a friend of mine is singing, “Drink a little drink, Smoke a little smoke.” What did you say??? He repeats it. I am amazed at 2 things… 1) what kids pick up and 2) what parents listen to in front of their five year old.

Elf down!!! FiFi moved and I totally forgot he was up there when I opened the cabinet door. FiFi went flying to the ground. One of the rules is that you can’t touch FiFi or his magic powers don’t work. Try explaining to the kids that I can touch him to pick him up off of my foot and the ground and that he can still fly. Some of the biggest non-believers were very concerned about Fifi’s magical power. I had to convince them that accidents happen and that it probably meant not to play with him. Then, one child was examining him, with his eyes only, and said, “Why does he have a tag????” My response? “it is probably how Santa tells who the elves are. There must be a lot of them so he has to know who is who somehow.”

I literally almost lost my marbles at lunch today. I don’t know how many times I have told this certain child not to mix her food up but she did it once again. There’s nothing like peaches, milk and mashed potatoes and gravy, right?!?!? I told her, “I don’t care how long you have to sit there, you are eating five bites of that since you are five years old.” She proceeded to play in it and mix it and repulse the other children that were sitting around her, hence the reason she sits at the end of the table as close to by herself as she can be. She finally takes a teeny, tiny lick of it and I said, “That is not a bite. Five bites now. You have four minutes until we leave and the fourth graders come in. You will sit there with them until you eat your bites.” Then she started shoving her mess of a tray across the table at the boys sitting there. She once shoved it towards the edge of the table and I informed her that if she “knocked it off the table, she would be cleaning it all up and going home immediately.” She just sat there and huffed and puffed but I am so over your naughty, hateful behavior. I left her sitting at the table with a second grade teacher watching her hoping one of the fourth grade teachers could get her to do it since they had the same issue earlier. I am sure that if they saw her concoction they would know exactly why she was there and what she needed to do.

Then I go to take my class and another class down for rest time. I thought I was going to fly off the handlebars at some of the kids in the other class. I definitely needed something hard to drink after that 30 minutes in the cafeteria.

The good news???? ONLY 5 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a busy five though. We have Christmas presents to make, testing to get finished, classroom to get cleaned up (Christmas things to taken down and sent home), and I am sure I am leaving something out.

MENTAL NOTE to myself: Don’t forget to move FiFi! AND, don’t put him somewhere he will get knocked down.

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