Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stringing Lights

When my father in law (FIL as Pa now calls him) was staying with me, I gave him a job to cut out some bat masks. He did an excellent job and agreed to cut out some Christmas light bulbs. He was going to take the project home and I would pick it up over Thanksgiving. He would have had 6 weeks to cut about a million bulbs, but he left the job at my house. We saw him at tailgating so I kindly took the project to him. At that point he still had two or three weeks to get it done.

Two days before Thanksgiving, I talked to my MIL and he hadn't even started. See, the urgency to get it done was getting higher since 1)he would be having a pacemaker and defibulator put in on Dec. 8 and wouldn't be able to do much with his left arm for a couple weeks and 2)Christmas was quickly approaching and my kids would need those bulbs!

I sort of gave up on that and started cutting my own bulbs. My aide at school helped as well as my Dad. Then my MIL informed me that she was going to work on them, while she waited at the hospital the day of the surgery, and then bring them to me.

Boy did she cut! I now have a gallon size Ziploc bag full and shouldn't have to cut bulbs for at least three years. These pictures are for you Kay... but I don't know that you read this, so you will have to start.

"I don't have room at my table. Can I work on the floor?"

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