Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 68

11 Days until Christmas break!!! Boy did I have some whiney kids today. They must be as ready for Friday as I am!

Even though our tree has been up since Sunday, it is still naked with no ornaments…until tonight. I got through the small box of ornaments and need to tackle the bigger box. Sad thing (maybe for Hubby) is I will have to get another box to hold the ornaments. My collection has outgrown two boxes. [Side note: I say MY because 90% of the ornaments are from my childhood, 5% from when I started buying my own series, 3% are Preston’s and 2% are Tobie’s.]

Sometime within the last year when I was at my Dad’s house, I told him I wanted this spinning nativity of my mom’s. I didn’t say he had to give it to me right away but shockingly, he knew right where it was in the attic and I took it home with me that day. Tonight I got it out!
When the candles are lit, the heat propels the blades making Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Wise Men and a Shepherd spin on the bottom. I always remember this sitting on my Grandma Mattie's foot stool. Now it will sit in my house each Christmas.

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