Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hooked on presents

It seems that each year as my niece gets older, I get hooked on one of her Christmas presents. Two years ago, it was an OSU cheerleader doll and a Cabbage Patch Kid. I also started her a Hallmark ornament series. I am a big fan of those, too!
Go Cowboys! (I think she wants to be one when she grows up ;) )

Who can't resist a Cabbage Patch Kid?!?!

Last year, it was a flapper dress-up dress and a stocking I made her so that she would have an Oklahoma stocking.

Isn't she adorable?!?!?

She loved making the dress move!

There are even rhinestones one some of the snowflakes to make them shimmer!

This year is no different! Her mommy told me that she likes arts and crafts so I ran with that! I am super excited about it and keep thinking of more things I could add to it. Here it is, the super present (or the one I am hooked on) of 2010!

Oh my goodness!!! I would have such a fun time with this!!! I am glad that I will get to be with her when she opens it. (I hope she will like it...) Maybe we'll make something wonderful together!

My plan is to send her supplies as the year passes. I already have some more stickers set aside to mail her. See when I was little, I collected stickers. I still have a shoebox full and decided Claire could get good use out some of them. I also hope that she (with the help of her parents) will send us some of her work. Oh, I can't wait!

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