Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 77-79

Day 77- While my kids were in PE, I was informed by my neighbor that there would be a fire drill in about 10 minutes, meaning as soon as I got my kids settled into the class and started on something the alarm was going to go off. Luckily, we do a calendar group time on the rug when we return. So, we are getting started when the alarm goes off. My kids did an excellent job of getting into line quickly, quietly, and in a pretty calm manner. I tell my line leader to stop at the door going to the playground so I can make sure everyone leaves the room. As my friends are standing there another teacher starts out of her room and towards the door and a third teacher starts out her room towards the bathroom. Then she says, “Isn’t that the tornado alarm?” The other teacher and I look at each other, tell our kids to turn around and head to the bathroom. Oops. I guess I should know the difference between the two alarms. After all, I am preparing them in true Oklahoma fashion…. When you hear the tornado siren, head outside to look for it!
When that drill was over, we sat back down to continue our calendar. Then, the fire alarm goes off. This time we head for the playground. Just so you know, I was positive it was a fire drill since the fire alarm was flashing on the wall. We quickly and safely made it out and then went back in after the all clear was called. For the third time, we sat down to finish when one of my kids says, “Well, we just have one more to practice. Is the bad guy one next?” I was impressed that he realized we have always practiced all three drills, one after another since we generally do a fire drill, tornado drill, and intruder on campus drill in a row.

The one comment then sparked a conversation with lots of “What if” questions. What if a bad guy knocks on our door? What if a bad guy comes in our window (side note: my classroom window is at least 5 feet off the ground)? What if a bad guy steals Fifi (the Elf on the Shelf we adopted.)? My dad just got out of jail. I have to be safe. If a bad guy breaks into my house I hope he doesn’t take my ducks. I’ve been collecting them forever.

I then feel the need to reassure the kids that they are my first priority. The following is our conversation:
Me: You guys are my first priority at school. I will do whatever I have to so that you are safe.
Kid: What if a bad guy comes in our room???
Me: If a bad guy comes in, I will tell them to steal me and leave you all here.
Kid: They can’t take you. We would miss you.
Kid: Yeah. We love you.
Kid: I would kill them if they took you.
Kid: There are lots of us and only one bad guy. We could all beat him up. (I think, good in theory but you are 5 and 6 years old. Good luck with that one.)

In that one conversation, I learned that even though my little friends drive my batty sometimes, they really do like me. The one that would “kill” for me has almost led me to banging my head into a wall.

Day 78- One little friend had to go home sick. On Tuesday, she was sent home with a fever. Due to school policy, she had to stay home 24 hours before returning so she was gone on Wednesday. When she was at school on Thursday, she just looked miserable and then she threw up. Ick. I had gone to pick my kids up from specials when another teacher was on her way to go check on her. When I got back to my room, Mrs. M. said, “She was over the trash can by the time I got down here.” That student then pops her head up from the trashcan and says, “See! I told you I was sick.” Bless her and her sick self. She did not want to go home because she wanted so badly to be at the party. “Nana said I can’t go to the party if I don’t stay at school!”
Mrs. M. later informed me that “the little boy closest to the trashcan was rubbing her back and comforting her when I walked in. I immediately told him to go wash his hands.”

One of the ornaments my kids made. I swear the one with all the glitter (bottom right) will make the tree lean when hung.

Day 79- It’s CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! I made it through my first kindergarten Christmas party! AND, it went surprising well! We had Polar Express pajama day and a very relaxed day. My kids had a long specials time, meaning our specials teachers took the whole school in the morning since the afternoon would be filled with Christmas caroling and party time. After that we went outside, had lunch and then came in to watch Polar Express. The kids were excited because they got to lay down wherever they wanted and with their stuffed animal friends they brought to school. After about an hour of the movie they started getting restless so we began packing our bags to go home. Before I knew it, it was 1:30 and time for Christmas caroling. We sang carols until 2:15 and then returned to our class to get ready to for the party.

Group picture after caroling….

When we returned, I found out that one of my students will be moving. I heard speculation from the older sibling's teacher but we had heard before that they were moving and it didn't happen. I am very sad my crazy story teller will not be returning. Now that I think about it, maybe that is why he was acting so crazy the last couple days. Hmmmm.

At the last minute (the night before), I decided we would do a little edible project for our party. Ice cream cone Christmas trees. Only one tree ended up on the floor but it didn’t even leave a mess. Here are some pictures of this event.

It took everything he had not to wipe his hands on his shirt every second. Who knows how many times I told him not to.

Who needs a spoon anyways?!?!
After putting some frosting on her tree, she used her hands to spread it.

He put all of his ingredients IN the cone and enjoyed eating it too!

A finished product!

He put EVERYTHING he had onto his tree! When he took a bite off the top, a parent said, "Ugh. I can't even watch that." It was so much frosting!

This is mine. I made it at home and decided it is what I am giving all those people that tell me they want nothing for Christmas. I expect to see it displayed in a prominent place at your home or office (Hubby) throughout the year. Maybe next year, you will give me an idea for a gift. :)


  1. I will send you an gift idea now!!!

  2. Are you saying you don't like the Christmas tree? Or you don't want to display my art work on your desk?