Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 70...

It is getting to that time of the year when we can no longer go outside for recess. Sooooo, we stay inside, ALL DAY. The kids don't seem to mind free time but it is also nice to get outside and run. Last week, not even thinking, we suited up in our coats and went out. After about 4 minutes, I had friends coming over complaining about being cold. How did I solve that? We started running around the playground, playing follow the leader. When I made a turn and saw that half of the class was following me, I decided it was time to jog towards the door. Lesson learned.
It was a typical Monday. Glad it is over.
Random jingle that was sung today had something to with a poke and making a family. This child said, "my mom sings it all the time." I meant to ask him later how it went so I would have something to write about but forgot. Maybe tomorrow.
How do you divide your Christmas when family lives close by?? As a child, Christmas Eve Eve was spent with grandparents on my Dad's side. Christmas Eve was spent with Nandy and Pa. Christmas morning was done at home with Grandparents coming over to check out what Santa brought.
It has been changed a little since getting married...
  • Christmas Eve- is still spent at Nandy and Pa's, followed by a candlelight church service at 11 p.m.
  • Christmas morning is spent at my Dad's
  • Christmas afternoon is spent with Hubby's parents
  • Either on Christmas Eve Eve or on the day after Christmas we venture down to Guthrie to visit my grandma.

When Hubby and I were dating, we would exchange gifts after church (around 12:30 a.m.). Luckily, Santa knew the 'older kids' liked to sleep in a little more, so he didn't mind that we stayed up late. It gave him more time to cover the young ones. ;)

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