Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 69

Oh Friday! I love you! You bring me double specials which makes my day seem shorter and more manageable. Christmas around the world is in full swing. We have discussed Kwanzaa and Hanukkah. I had some little Jewish kids playing Dreidl on Friday. I had to adapt it so they could play but they had fun. I forgot to take pictures though! I am going to try and get them to play again for the sake of taking pictures.

For Christmas around the world, I am making a book. MOST of it was made for me by some company but they did not include Kwanzaa so I had to make my own. We will “visit” Mexico, Italy, Sweden, and Holland. Hanukkah was also included. Since Kwanzaa was left out, I set out trying to make the Kwanzaa kids look like the rest. Here are before. The girl is from Israel and the boy is from Holland.

I am pretty impressed with what I can do with white out and a Sharpie.

This book only took hours out of my life but by golly it is ready for next year!

Saturday, I finally finished decorating the tree. I do need to make a trip to Hallmark to get a few more ornaments. I just love my Hallmark ornaments!

I think I will include Christmas memories that I don't want to forget. Last post was the spinning nativity. This time will be the icicles made of beads.

I remember making these with my mom, my brother and grandparents. Who knows how many of these we actually made but I have a gallon size Ziploc bag full of them. I remember going to some shop in Enid, that seemed to be full of beads, in search of just the right beads for this project.

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