Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 71 (Only 8 days until Christmas break!!!)

Have I ever mentioned not liking lunch duty? Well, I don't. I would love to see how some of these kids act out in public with their parents at a restaurant. Today, not to mention other days I have had lunch duty, kids were pouring their milk into their beans. I have seen kids dump pineapple "tidbits" into mashed potatoes. Sick. When I catch them doing it I stand there and tell them they are going to have to eat that. Food is not a toy. They just look at me like I am silly. I wish I could make them eat the nasty concoction they create. It would only take one time and they probably wouldn't do it again.
I have once again started testing my students for their report cards. The two that I have gotten through did really well. They did well the first time but were still able to improve. I must be doing something right! We'll see as I continue to test them.
Christmas... I haven't done much shopping. Some people will not give any ideas or suggestions as to gifts (PA! I don't care if you say you want nothing, you are going to get something so don't you think it should be something you would use?!).

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