Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny story about the cards

Now that the 50 free cards from Shutterfly are submitted and being printed, I can look at it and laugh. You see, I knew about the opportunity for over a month. Timing was not right on taking pictures so it was put off until it was almost too late. We took our pictures two days after Christmas.

After visiting Grandma in Guthrie, we got home around 8:00 on Monday night. I felt the need to get the cards done when I realized that I needed to upload the cards to snapfish so they had good quality, which is not where I had loaded [to them walgreens]. Luckily, Hubby and I are in good with our photographer, his mom, so we called and asked her if she would upload them to snapfish. She lovingly obliged so I gave her my account information to do it. She promplty did it and we got to work.

We came to a standstill when it came to what we wanted to briefly say about our year. So, I shut the computer down for the evening and figured I would finish on Tuesday. After all, I have until the 31st. :)

Tuesday comes and I log in to snapfish and start working again. I finish it up and Hubby approves. I place my order of 50, put in my code and click check out. A message pops up along the lines of "we don't know that coupon code." I try it a few more times and keep getting the same message. Then, I look on the email to find a customer service number. That's right, I am going to call about why my free card code won't work. I dial, here that there is a possibility I may have to wait 15 minutes to talk to someone and now know that if I press 6, I can "hear these options from a pirate."

While waiting, I am reading my email again to make sure I did it right and that the code hasn't expired. Just as soon as Zander from Snapfish answers, I noticed SHUTTERFLY, nice and big, in my email. I am too caught off guard and not completely sure that I understand what I have done to hang up or admit what I just figured out. So I listen to Zander explain to me that just because I see a code, doesn't mean I can use it, which isn't what I asked. He misunderstood me, just like I had done the whole card on the WRONG website. I thanked him for his time and quickly hung up.

Did you catch all that?? I chose an adorable card on Snapfish (which Hubby said he "fell in love with"), had my mother-in-law load all of our pictures to Snapfish, and twisted Hubby's arm to help me get the card done on Snapfish all to figure out it should have been done on SHUTTERFLY. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

So, I call my MIL again, ask her to upload our picture and give her my account information. This time it was to the correct place and she again lovingly obliged. Who knew something free could cause such a ruckus in my head.

This is the cute card Hubby "fell in love with" from snapfish, which noone will be receiving since it wasn't free.

I do love our SHUTTERFLY one but thought this was a funny story. Hubby also fell in love again... with our SHUTTERFLY card.

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