Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blessed Birthday

What a day! If you take away the actual “had to get out of bed on my birthday” I could say the morning started out great. Nonetheless, I had to go to school. The first excitement happened when I was asked if I wanted dessert in my lunch. When I saw my dessert option, a cookie cake, I really wanted it BUT I had just gotten out of the shower and couldn’t take a picture with my cake. Hubby said, “We can take a picture.” I said, “My hair is in a towel and my body is in a towel. There will be no such pictures at 7:30 a.m.!” So, I passed on dessert.

When I got to school I was greeted with this at my classroom door. I have such sweet co-workers that I like to call friends.

A girl after my own heart brought me some mini Chick-Fil-A's for birthday breakfast! Thanks LeFlore!

After being in my room for a little bit, I stumbled upon this.

My little darlings were just that today. We had two friends gone so we were down to a mere 20. One asked me if they could throw me a surprise party. Very sweet however, it was never brought up again. Maybe I will let them do it tomorrow. You can never have too much birthday, can you?
During free choice centers, I had a birthday party drawn for me.

That is me with my cake. A present is above me and the squiggle is decorations. :)

I was able to finish off my lunch with one of these
Those would be double doozies from the Great American Cookie Company!
After school, I headed to the Day Center for the Homeless in downtown Tulsa. Our Sunday School class was in charge of serving the meal tonight. While we were serving, my dear friend Holly called me. When I listened to her message it said Happy birthday and something along the lines of “… I hope you are somewhere really romantic and that is why you aren’t answering.” I laughed. Not so much romantic but was rewarding to do.

After we were finished, Hubby and I headed off to birthday dinner. My choice? IHOP for stuffed French toast!

When we were finished eating, I needed to run into Wal-Mart for some dry erase markers, when I found this steal of a deal!

These crates were $1 a piece! They usually sell for $3.47.

This is the idea. I am still not 100% sure I will love it if I try it but I am sure I will end up using the crates in some way.

I finally made it home from Wal-Mart to celebrate with Hubby and Tobie. Here is the official picture with my cake and of course my cute little pup.

She even helped open the presents.

It's a super cute shirt! Good listening Hubby!

"Let me get that Mom. It's your birthday. You should take it easy."
Later in the evening, I was voting for Sonic's Limeades for Learning when I saw that my project has been completely funded! What a great birthday present!

I proceeded to stay up until at least 12:01. I had a phone call to make for forgetting my birthday. :( Hopefully that won't happen again next year.

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