Thursday, September 1, 2011


is a new best friend and this is why! {So apparently, I was/am really excited about this because I already mentioned it... with this picture. Oh well, I do love me some Claire!}

I know the picture is fuzzy but that is me skyping with my adorable niece! While type chatting with her mom she started to type too. Her type looked like this, ajioqawn4ihiojweopa,mgn, but I understood every word.

I told her that I asked Uncle Preston for a webcam for my upcoming birthday and said maybe if she asked him, we could get it sooner. Lucky for me, she is cute and said, "Uncle Preston can you please buy Aunt Jennie a camera for the computer so I can talk to her and see her?  And you too.  I would like to see you too.  And Tobie.  I miss Tobie."

After he came in to read the message I said, "It worked! :DHe said, we'd go to Wal-Mart tonight!" Then she said, "Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" And Dana typed, "she keeps saying, "Uncle Preston is going to Walmart to get it tonight!""

Within an hour or so of that conversation, we had our camera hooked up and were talking through the computer! It was too fun! Then it was sad when it was time to go because she got a pouty look on her face and said she didn't want to. I told her we would talk again soon. To which she said, "Tomorrow?" Since that particular tomorrow was the day before school started, I had to tell her Monday. I totally would have taken a break from school to drive home and chat with her though!

Poor Uncle Preston went to all the trouble of buying and hooking up the camera only to be shunned from using it. Miss Claire was a little shy about him. We had a 2nd call on Tuesday and then a 3rd one on Saturday in Enid. I took my dad to Wal-Mart and he got a camera too. So, now he can call her, which we did. It was one big giant Skype call. Brother and Claire with me, Uncle Preston, Grandpa O, Nandy, Pa, Petey and Tobie.

In summary of this repeated story... even though I don't get to see my niece often, I could just squish her to pieces. I know it isn't her fault that we didn't do this sooner. I am a grown-up, I  should have acted on webcams and Skype sooner. I know for some people involved, I will have to push talking to her and calling but it totally worth it. I felt like the whole time we were talking I had a huge smile on my face. She just makes me all giddy.
Thank you Skype and Hubby for giving me this priceless gift!

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