Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's a Baby!

For a long time now, I have wanted a babydoll in my classroom dramatic play area. I had looked but never found just the right one. Either their head was too squished, they were too small or just plain ugly. Until yesterday!

While in Enid, I couldn't resist going to Ross. I know, there is one 15 minutes from my house but they none of them always have the same goods to offer. So in I went, looking at clothes. It just so happens that the toys are right by the dressing room. I had already decided on 3 pieces of clothing and seen some other puzzles for my classroom when I saw it!

THE BABY GRAND! It includes a little bed, carrier, diaper bag, 2 bottles, 'baby wipes', and a little teddy bear PLUS the babydoll!
I didn't want Hubby to think I was going wild spending "his" money while he was out of the country. After all he had only made it to Chicago! So, I bought the Baby Grand!

Today at school, we talked about the baby and how we treat babies. We don't throw the baby. We don't hit the baby. We don't fight over the baby. We don't write on the baby because you will have to call and explain to your parents why you need a job to replace our classroom baby since you decided to write on it.

We talked about naming the baby. I took suggestions. Princess, Maggie, Rose, Lexie, Snow White, Baby, Cutie, Elizabeth, Jacob, Payton, Rapunzel, Roxie and Unicorn. {YES, I said Unicorn.} Our baby will be named Rose Elizabeth. I decided that she needed a middle name since I expect my kindergartners to know their own middle name.

Then we took turns holding Baby Rose. The kids were so sweet with her and so quiet waiting their turn to hold the baby. Some would even give her a little rocking.

Look at that little guy giving her a soft touch!

A careful exchange for Baby Rose

After school, I got out the new dishes I received with my latest Donors Choose grant. I have learned that if I want things put away correctly, I need to leave a picture behind of what it should resemble. Hopefully, they will pay attention when I tell them about more new stuff for them to use.

At home, I had another fun Skype. This time it was with my Hubby.

 A little family time via Skype

When discussing the baby, we realized our little baby did not have a blanket. Sooo, I got out my handy sewing machine and remedied that problem.

Here is the finished product!

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