Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Ramblings

While I just wanted to get some pictures posted from Australia, my dear friend and travel partner took more time to document our trip. Go here for a better story. While you are there you can see her cute little boy Camden. He just celebrated his first birthday and is absolutely adorable!

Speaking of kids, my pup has been a little naughty. Well, naughty maybe isn't the best word... she has been out of her element. She has pottied on the floor twice and the door has been open for her to go out. While waiting on Hubby to finish mowing at the church, we ventured to the vet. Girl weighs 18.9 pounds! HOLY COW! When did my little baby girl grow up? When I got her she was a measley 3 pounds.
This is when her Snow grandparents fell hard for her.

"This is my Mommy! I know it!"

Our first family Christmas picture

Another thing that made me saw, "Awe." this morning was seeing that she is 6 years and 11 months old. Where has all this time gone? I guess for her 7th birthday I will make a big picture post about her. Crazy dog girl? Yes but I am okay with that. You would be too if my dog were yours. :)

We are off to Stillwater for the first game of the season! Go Cowboys!

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