Monday, September 12, 2011

The start of Birthday Week?

If you know me, you know that I believe in Birthday Week. Hubby used to be real good at following Birthday Week protocol. Notice the words used to? I don't know if it is his old age but he has been off his game.

I also feel a little off my game too. Not that I feel like I deserve or need gifts but I usually make a list. Years ago, my grandparents started requesting a list when it got within a month of my birthday. In hoping to claim the 'favorite' position, I obliged and made a list of things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday. This year, I feel like my birthday snuck up on me. I feel like it was the whole returning from a two week vacation to Australia and then starting right into school.

I mean, I’ve been on a trip of a lifetime and spending more time chatting with my niece, what more could I need?

That’s right, Toy Story 3 Operation. We went to Big Lots! after church to get a game for a silent auction basket at church. They didn’t really have anything that looked too great for it but they had Toy Story Operation for $5! I said, “I need that for my classroom!” So we bought it. On the way to the car I suggested we try it out tonight and Hubby told me, “That’s not necessary.”

Fast forward a few hours when we were taking things out of my car to go into school. He starts to grab the game and I tell him, “No, we didn’t get to play it yet.” Again he insists we don’t need to. Finally I said, “Yes. We do. It is birthday week and I want to play so leave it there. We’ll play when we get home.”
And we did.

The Toasted Turbo Boosters aren't firing.
Please remove this faulty wiring.

Hubby is really concentrating on getting those toasted turbo boosters out to help Buzz Lightyear
Maybe this is a sign that birthday week is still to come even though the big day is on Tuesday?!

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