Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Stranger's Tribute to 9/11

After a long Monday at school, I went to play bunco. I won! WooHoo! Then I came home to do a little school work. I placed a book order, which was all me, and then started investigating random things for school. What random things you ask?
  • the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile- ever since I was 'in charge' of Truck Touch, I randomly think of neat vehicles I would like to get to our event to make it bigger than the previous year
  • School calendar- to try and map out topics I want to cover and how closely they fall to a holiday
  • Tulsa Zoo's Education program- they will come out to schools and even bring animals with some of their programs
Anyways, while investigating the zoo, I decided to email them a question or two that I had. So... I logged into my school email only to see that I had another donation to my current Donors Choose project. I clicked on the email, which shows me why they chose my project, to see that Beth from Colorado "gave to this project because my child raised money for kids that need things in their classroom to remember sept. 11."

What a heart warming gesture! I hope this project gets funded so that these items will be a constant reminder of how a nation came together to support one another. I am in no way saying that my other donors have not shown generosity but I am moved by this woman's desire to help her child learn about compassion and helping others.

Currently, I wear a blue TEAM ISAAC bracelet as a reminder to pray for a Sapulpa family as their 13 year-old son battles brain cancer at St. Jude's in Memphis, Tennessee. Now, when I see my students using the materials in our dramatic play center, it will be a reminder to say a prayer for all of the families affected September 11th.

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  1. That is really sweet! I teared up! Damn the hormones, they have never been the same!