Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random Wrap Up


So… I am really far behind. Well, at least I feel really far behind when it is actually only a week behind. I suppose the good thing is that I don’t have a lot to report on. That is good, boring but good.

Birthday blessings just keep happening! Last weekend, the in-laws came to visit for the day. While out shopping, I got this snazzy new watch. It’s a slap bracelet but a watch!

I went to Enid today for a quick visit and got these cuties from my cute grandparents!
What a cute home it has in the flowerbed!

And a little sweetie brought this to me at school!

Another little friend was real excited about it and helped present it when I saw them. At the end of the day, he made sure that I liked the gift. I told him I loved it and it was real sweet of him. He was so funny. You would have thought he made the snowman himself when he brought it to me with the little girl. The little girl just let him help and act like it was all his present. Very sweet!


In getting ready for our book fair, we made a door decoration. The theme is to the book fair and beyond! Our outer space like theme was Star Wars.

Thanks to my PE teacher friend, I have an awesome little saying on it!

On Friday, we said goodbye to a member of the family, Peg. You know, cause he has only one Peg leg.

Peg came to our family in March of 2005. Unfortunately, for Peg, it was rough entry to our family. Deceit and lies happened for Peg to enter our family. BUT, he taught Hubby a very valuable lesson: Always run big purchases by the wife. I wasn't the wife at the time, but I was anticipating a sparkler on my finger when I found out a motorcycle was purchased instead. I am sure you can imagine how that went over. FIL also learned a lesson, (though he didn't take it to heart as much as Hubby did), Don't piss off the future daughter-in-law. Because believe me, I am not telling your wife you helped your son by this. Good luck to YOU when YOU tell her.

Regardless, I wasn't {totally} mad that a motorcycle was bought, it was just that I wasn't trusted enough to be informed on the matter until after it was done and little lies were told along the way.

We never actually rode this way (only posed) but wouldn't it have been cute?!

Hubby and Spencer, Hub's 'little brother', doing stunts on Peg
Now sits an empty spot in the garage where Peg once parked. Fancy was a little sad to see one of her roommates go but then again, she has more room to stretch out.

Peg, I hope that Dio treats you nicely. I will always look for you on the road. :)

On Saturday, during our football game against Texas A&M, I worked on a little craft project. I saw this idea, take a guess....... YEP, on a teacher blog! I have several sets of alphabet stamps that give me a headache when my kids use them. "I can't find R. Where's F? There's no J!" WHATEVER. Gone are those days with this fancy idea!

I bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby. They were all on sale! I think this project only cost $8.

Supplies needed: the brown drawers are a make your own advent calendar, alphabet stickers, 2 pieces of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge (which I already had courtesy of my sorority days)

The absolutely, adorable, could have given me a heart attack because it is so cute and useful finished product:
EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Isn't it just fun?!?

Here is a cute picture of my pup. We took this to send
 to Hubby while we were in Enid. She is so cute, I could just eat her!

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